April fool jokes

8. Mom, I can not sleep! Tell me, please, a story!

– It’s been over 1 night. I’m leaving the dad immediately and when I ask him where he was, he’ll tell us a story!


Funny april fools jokes

9. I love weddings!

The bride pretends to be a virgin, the groom claims to have found the couple, the parents on both sides claim to like it.

Only the guests are honest – they came to eat and eat!


10. What are the 4 lies a student says?

Tomorrow I learn to learn.

Tomorrow I’m bringing you the classes.

Take your clothes off! That I’m not doing anything to you!

I do not get naked because I’m a virgin.


11. My wife kisses me every time I come home.

– That’s the affection!

– No, that’s what she wants to believe … It’s investigation!


12. The husband arrives late at home and jumps quickly to bed.

Leave me alone, says his wife, my head hurts.

– That’s good! How can you hurt today all?


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13. – Mom, the doctor told me I could not make babies!

– You have a hereditary problem with my daughter. Even your father could not.



14. A pair of freshly married people came out of the church.

Two boys stood and stared at them! One asks the other:

– You want to scare them? The other one says:

– Yes.

Then the first one goes to the groom and yells,

– Father!!!


15. A white lady brings a little bit of a baby to the world.