Clean jokes

A policeman was investigating a broken window of a store:

– That’s exactly how I imagined. It is broken on both sides!


– If I knew you were so poor from the beginning, I would not have married you.

– But dear, I have told you so many times that you are all I have in the world, but you did not care.


Use this clean jokes with your friends

– Dad, did you ever tell me that you didn’t go into history in seventh grade.

– Yes it is, but what do you mean by this?

– I wanted to say that history is fast!


A man comes to the riddle, and he begins to read in his palm:

– Sir, this is terrible. Your mother-in-law will die in 3 days.

– I know this without guessing. I am interested in whether I will be caught or not.


Q: What does the stork do after a baby is brought?

A: It gets small and goes back into the pants!