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– Waiter, this crab has only one clamp, and his shell is broken!
– I think he was involved in a fight, sir, and unfortunately, he lost!
– Then bring me the winner!


Mother-in-law and son-in-law at the restaurant:
Husband: You should taste mother-in-law’s crab. I make it delicious here.
Mother-in-law: I can’t, I’m allergic to seafood.
Husband: I know…

crabs jokes

Two friends, for a glass of talk.
– I was with my wife last night, in that fancy restaurant when the waiter asks me: Have you decided in the end, sir?
– Not yet, I do not know if I choose to eat crab or pay the installment at the bank…


A guy goes into a bar:

-I want a sandwich with a slice of white bread, one of black bread and one of whole bread, medium fried. Put crab meat and shrimp on the bottom layer, octopus chicken, lettuce leaf, and tomato on the top layer. Put mayonnaise on each layer, cut the shells, and cut it into four, with a slice of pickle on each and a toothpick to hold each quarter. Do you understand?

“It’s done,” said the waitress. Then he calls to the kitchen: John, a sandwich for an architect! I bring the plans immediately!


Best crab jokes

best crabs jokes


A friend of mine, the owner of a restaurant, complains that his business is not going at all:

– I do not know what to do, the business goes very badly, I have everything, reasonable prices, demanding dishes, even crab soup, but customers, not seed!
– What do I care about crab? A big mirror in the bathroom, as big as the selfie, do you have?
– Not…
– Well, see it!


Crab has a life expectancy of 100 years. Crab is optimistic.


A crab can walk behind, uninterrupted, and 100 meters. Unless you take Facebook.


Researchers have shown that crab can turn their stomachs backward. Of course, with so many seafoods around!


It has been proven that in the Caribbean, there is a crab that can climb trees. There are probably many stressed crab mothers here.


I read somewhere that, like dolphins, crab always sleeps with one eye open. And my girlfriend tells me I’m obsessed because I get out of bed three times in a row to check if the door is locked …

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-What did you do on Sunday?
– I went fishing for crabs.
– Are you fishing a lot?
– No one.
– And then how did you know they were crab?


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