Dogs puns

Do you know that dogs are the best friends of peoples? Not if you was bitten by a dog.


A man tell a dog pun

Ham, ham and ham with sauce please


Why dogs smell other dogs?

Because they want to know if they are clean


Funny dog puns

A friend tell a joke to a dog: Do you know what was your first word ever?

Dog say: Ham!

What is the best name to choose for a dog?



Why Scooby Doo it’s the most famous dog?

Because he can speak!


So, in that way you will know that you have to drink again your favorite drink!

Best joke ever about dogs: pull my finger out…


A dog tell a pun at a stand up show?

Ham, Wolf and Miau…


Why husky look like and wolf?

Because they leave in the forrest!


Dog puns list


How do you know if a pitbull it’s ready to attack?

He looks at you!


Where a rotteiler can seat?

Everywhere he want!


How do you learn your dog to stay at your order? You give them they favorite snack!

What is the best food for your dog? Your rests.

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