Dogs puns

Do you know that dogs are the best friends of peoples? Not if you was bitten by a dog.

A friend tell a joke to a dog: Do you know what was your first word ever?

Dog say: Ham!

What is the best name to choose for a dog?


So, in that way you will know that you have to drink again your favorite drink!

Best joke ever about dogs: pull my finger out…

How do you learn your dog to stay at your order? You give them they favorite snack!

What is the best food for your dog? Your rests.

Dogs jokes are good for people who have their animals around them. So we invite you to read more animal jokes on the website.


1. “I woof you.” Expressions of love are always purriceless.

2. I am going to make you an off-fur you can’t re-fur-se.” It is impawsible to say no to cute pets.

3. “Cat-astrope!” The purrfect way to describe that moment when you discover your kitty has “re-fluffed” the pile of laundry you just neatly folded.

5. “Pardon the interrufftion.” Your pup might have something important to say — even when he seems barking mad.

6. “Everything but the kitten sink!” We couldn’t pawsibly fit anymeowr puns on this list.

7. “Whatevfur.” Watch that cattitude!

8. “Is your pup your doggleganger?

9. “I could have been a cat-tender! I could have been somepawdy!” Some cats have a flair fur the drameowtic.

10. “Incatceivable!” Some things are purrplexing to even the smartest of cats form all world.

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