Mexican puns

What is spicy pepper in the world? Mexican pepper

How do you tell to a mexican that he drink to much tequila today? Go to sleep…


Whe Mexicans are so dangerous?

Because they fight from childhood with strong peppers.


Can you speak a mexican?

Yes if you know spanish.

How will reach a mexican at a pun? Hmmm…

What is the favorite gift that a mexican want?

A pun with a Pinata

How do you say on a little mexican dog?



A mexican tell a pun to his friend?

Amigo, do you want to drink some tequila with me?

Yes amigo, let’s go in the desert to pick some agave.

Good, let’s split even the work.

You make the tequila and I drink it.


A boy enter into a bar and tell mexican puns, when a few white people show their guns and the boy stop telling puns about mexicans.


What are the favorite game puns of a Mexican?

Balero, La Prinola, El Patio de Mi Casa and the Hat Dance


Why Mexican have big hats?

Because they have big heads!


Funny mexican puns

Q: What’s a Mexican’s favorite bookstore?

A: Borders


Q: What’s a Mexican’s favorite sport?

A: Cross Country


Q: What do you call four Mexicans in quicksand?

A: Cuatro cinco


Q: Why do Mexicans have tamales for Christmas?