Mexican puns

What is spicy pepper in the world? Mexican pepper

How do you tell to a mexican that he drink to much tequila today? Go to sleep…


Whe Mexican are so dangerous?

Because they fight from childhood with strong peppers.


Can you speak a mexican?

Yes if you know spanish.

How will reach a mexican at a pun? Hmmm…

What is the favorite gift that a mexican want?

A pun with a Pinata

How do you say on a little mexican dog?


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A mexican tell a pun to his friend?

Amigo, do you want to drink some tequila with me?

Yes amigo, let’s go in the desert to pick some agave.

Good, let’s split even the work.

You make the tequila and I drink it.


A boy enter into a bar and tell mexican puns, when a few white people show their guns and the boy stop telling puns about mexicans.


What are the favorite game puns of a Mexican?

Balero, La Prinola, El Patio de Mi Casa and the Hat Dance


Why Mexican have big hats?

Because they have big heads!


Funny mexican puns

Q: What’s a Mexican’s favorite bookstore?

A: Borders

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Q: What’s a Mexican’s favorite sport?

A: Cross Country


Q: What do you call four Mexican in quicksand?

A: Cuatro cinco


Q: Why do Mexican have tamales for Christmas?

A: So they’ll have something to unwrap.


Q: How do you keep a Mexican from stealing something?

A: Put everything on the top shelf.


Why don’t Mexicans like cold weather?

Because they are afraid of ICE.

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How a mexican orer a beer in a restaurant?

Bring me a beer with tequila flavour


How do you say „tall Mexicans” in Spanish?



Whats the difference between a Mexican and a deadbeat?

About three Coronas.


Do you love mexican foods? Eat your self with this chinese jokes first.

What do you call Mexican foot that slowly moves?



Mexicans are the best at puns. Why? Because they don’t joke with you.


Mexican name puns to say to your friends

Pablo, Rico and Toti are the most popular name


A new collection of mexican puns


mexican puns


How do you teach a Mexican to swim?

Put a fence in front of the pool.


Name the only Amecican holiday a Mexican won’t celebrate?

Labor day!


Why are Mexicans and basketball players a like?

They both run jump shoot and steal.


What does a depressed Mexican say?

I don’t wanna taco bout it.

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Mexicans Puns, with hot pepper flavor


Each people has its flaws, which is why other nations make a little fun of it. The most famous puns are those with Italians, Scots, Jews, but the others are not inferior either. Among them are some  mexican puns very successful by the way.


– Why don’t Mexicans play “Hide and Seek”?
– Because last time they played, no one looked for them.


– What kind of cans are there in Mexico?
– What question do you have? Mexican, normal.


– Why are Mexican so short?
– Because when they were little their parents told them: “when you grow up, you have to get a good job.”


– Why do Mexican drive low cars?
– They are too short to reach the pedals in any other type of car.


– Why doesn’t Mexico have an Olympic team?
– You don’t even have to include that in Mexican puns. All that is known is that all Mexicans who know how to run or jump are already in America.


But if so far you have not had the opportunity to read some mexicans puns, we have a selection for you to correct this “unfortunate error”.




Two blondes discuss:
-Do you know that Mexican have the longest?
-Yes, but do you know that the Hungarians have the thickest?
Hearing all this, Bula decides to attack.
-Ladies, let me recommend: Istvan Gonzales, at your disposal.


News from Spain:
Yesterday in Toledo, during a bullfight, a drunk Mexican tourist fell in the arena, and the bullfighter was forced to fight two oxen at the same time.


The village of so many mexican puns that are made in the US, one of them decides to move to Canada. He adjusts perfectly, life is beautiful, so he decides to go to a party too. At the entrance, he rings the intercom, and a soft voice is heard asking him:

– Who’s there?
– Juan Carlos Emanuel Fernando Jose Paco Miguel Gustavo Maria da Silva.
– Okay, come in, but one at a time.


At the end of a great war between Mexicans and Americans, it is decided that peace be marked by a dog fight to decide the winner. The Americans come with a huge dog, like a bull. Mexican, more modest, with a dog woe to his mother. The fight begins. Not even two seconds pass and the American dog is transformed into a pile of meat.

Americans: Yeah, are you crazy? Do you know how many millions of dollars I spent on genetic modification programs to get this dog?
To which Mexican: Do you know how difficult it is to find doctors who are willing to perform cosmetic surgery on crocodiles?!


A Russian, an American and a Mexican are shipwrecked on a desert island. At one point, one day, I catch the goldfish!
– Because you have been on the island for so long, I fulfill two wishes of a person, even if I normally fulfill only three wishes at once, the fish tells them.

American: I want a million dollars and you take me to New York!
Russian: I want a million rubles and go to Moscow!
Mexican: I want a sea of ​​tequila and my two friends back on the island!