Music puns


My neighbors are listening to great music.

Because their are close to me


Country music it’s the best, because it’s from our country…


Rock and pop music are different because they don’t have the same bits


Music it’s my life, some people say.

But life it’s music!


A bad music make you think


What it’s my favorite musical note?

Sol key


Funny music puns

Why an woman can sing higher than a man?

Because they are used to scream.


Best music puns to tell at a concert:

So, how sing now?


What do you call a singing laptop?

A Samsung.


Why can’t skeletons play church music?

Because they a special piano bones


Why did the guitarist get fired as a musicianr?

He was shredding the music


Two robots landed in a church at a funeral. Being accustomed to a hectic and noisy life on their planet and hearing in the church that the priest began to say the job and to sing prayers, they began to dance. Suddenly, one of them says “Brother, what kind of music they have here.”

What are the handles? The songs where you go from the bottom, you mourn and throw with the money.