Nerdy pick up lines


If I were a teacher I would listen to you only and I would fall on you.

I would like to teach you a lot about chemistry, physics and biology, but I think I could show you more if you go home.


Nerdy pick up lines for him or her

For the biology exam I would like to prepare together practicing in the bedroom.

I don’t want to learn many languages, because I’m just happy with yours.

I do not know what country you are from nor what language I must learn to understand each other, but I would like to know how to say “I love you on your language!”

You are so beautiful that my glasses have faded as soon as I saw you.


– Do you know what a cryogenic rose is and how it differs?

–              Not.

– The cryogenic rose is resistant to 25 years, but my love is eternal.


Nerdy pick up lines to use on guys

– Hey guy, can you help me with a problem?

– Yes, tell me!

– I’m extremely rushed and I don’t think I’ll ever find what I’m looking for.

– What are you looking for?

– My mother said she would leave me a fortune of $ 1,000,000 if I brought home a beautiful girl to make her grandchildren.