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Q: Why are there so few Star Wars jokes?
A: There are no Star Wars jokes, all are true happenings.


Q: Did you know that Chuck Norris played a role in Star Wars?
A: Don’t make Star Wars jokes with me
I: True, he was STRONG.


Q: Why did Star Wars movies appear in 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3?

A: Because Yoda hasn’t learned to count properly yet.

star wars jokes

Q: What kind of car drives iodine?
A: The To-yoda convertible.


Q: What is the name of a Dutchman who looks alone at the Star Wars?
To: Hans Solo.


Star wars jokes for kids

The father discusses with his son:
– Son, do you know why I call your mother the Death Star? Because it makes my world explode forever!


A kid watch Star Wars on TV and he say:

Dad, this is an cartoon?


Han Solo approaches Chewbacca and tells him:
– Can you give me a picture with you?
– Why? Am I fond of you that you can’t sleep without looking at my face?
– Not. My boy doesn’t think Bau-Bau exists.


Darth Vader, tired, decides to go out of town. Enter and order. After 5 minutes:
– Boy, what’s this, tea or coffee?
– Can’t figure out the taste?
– Not.
– Well, if you don’t see any difference, does it matter if it’s tea or coffee?


Dath Vider it’s that dad of the dark side only.


Funny star wars jokes

funny star wars jokes

In the spaceship, Princess Leia speaks in a gentle voice and softly:
– Why are you shouting? Why are you nervous? He only yelled at you a few times, no problem, not something unusual. An area with turbulence, it happens … Ready, ready, now we calm down …
Then with normal voice:
– All is well? Have you calmed down? Alright, now I’m going to reassure the passengers too!


Yoda, as a child, at grammar time.
The teacher explains:
– I didn’t eat, you didn’t eat, he didn’t eat, we didn’t eat, you didn’t eat, they didn’t eat! Now, repeat Yoda!

-We are all hungry!


In us, at a sheepfold, with an infernal noise, an alien ship lands. Out of it comes Darth Vader and, arrogantly, he goes to the shepherds and tells them:
– I’m Darth Vader!
The shepherd gives him a glass of palinca: Take and drink, he will be tired.
Darth Vader drinks and then:
– I’m Darth Vader!


Yoda meet Darth Vider in stars with they ships

So, we finally meet!

Yes, of course, now let’s play chess


Bad Star Wars Jokes

The shepherd gives him a glass of palinca.
Something more relaxed, Darth Vader tries another approach:
-I’m from another planet!

Another shepherd answers:
-Ghita, it’s no longer poured that he’s already gotten drunk!


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bad star wars jokes

Star Wars Yo Mamma Jokes

Yo Mamma it’s so ugly that she can play in Star Wars movie


Why a jedi it’s clean all the time?

Because he wear only white clothes


Dirty star wars joke to tell to your firend

Darth Vader was your dad


To know that Star Wars is actually not a fiction and all the characters in the movie exist! It’s just waiting for Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis to die that he can conquer Earth. Laugh with best Star Wars Jokes.


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