Yo mamma jokes


The financial situation of Yo mamma is not so good. She’s poor and helpless. She has no money. The lack of money alongside with her lack of beauty, of intelligence and any other quality would make you wonder how she succeeded in finding a man. Nobody really knows but must certainly it was a desperate one.


This joke is twice Yo mamma because it is said, not only that Yo mamma is a little stupid, but that she’s also at her scale. Yo mamma is so fat, ugly and other variations. Find time and tell this jokes to friend but without insult them. We invite you on are website.

Yo mama jokes funny or not?


The Yo mama jokes are extremely popular and their history begins years ago when people want to make jokes to their mothers friends. These kinds of jokes have become viral because although they are bad, people with a sense of humor appreciate them.

These types of jokes are usually based on the characteristics of the mother of the person who will receive the joke. Typically, topics such as: obesity, weight, hairiness, laziness, incest, age, race, poverty, poor hygiene, unattractiveness, homosexuality, or stupidity may also be used.

Clearly, no one accepts jokes about his mother. If someone would say such jokes would surely cause you to go violent, but they can be fun.

Yo mama jokes are used in groups of friends where people allow by unwritten law to make jokes about the family. In a restrained group everyone understands that they are made to amuse and not to offend a person.


These are just three examples of jokes, but for more jokes, visit our category.

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