April fool jokes

1. From April 1, an employee enters the boss’s office, plucks the phone cord from the wall, throws his papers on the floor, pours his coffee on his head, and lets him beat, until colleagues in the office shout:

“Stop John, we joked, you did not win at Loto, it’s only April 1”


2. Her husband bit his husband cruelly. The judgment is asked what happened:

– She first called me home during the service, then stripped me and lay me in bed. And then, with a shit, I said it was April 1!


Best april fools jokes

3. She: My dear, I’m pregnant !!! What would you like it to be?

He: 1 April !!!

4. – From April 1. Do not you want to go to a movie and then to my house?

– Ooo … you’re a cinema! You like movies!


5. – Honey, I want to let you know that I’ve cheated on you with a neighbor of 4!

– What the ?

– It was a joke for April 1, baby!

– Pff, I was scared!

– I did not cheat on you at 4, I have my standards … I cheated you with your boss.


6. He: Honey, I deceived you.

She: And I …

He: April 1st ..

She: December 13 …


7. On April 1, John wanted to fool somebody too, so he went to his mother and said,

– Mom, my father hanged in the garage!

His mother flew quickly crying at the station, but there was nobody.

-John, there’s nobody hanging out in the garage.

John responds:

– It was a joke, my father is hanged in the attic