April fool jokes


One of the best April 1 jokes you can make to a friend would be to wrap their car with newspapers and toilet paper. You can do this both at night and during the day. Any passerby will be amused even if he sees you. To make the joke even better, decorate the car with eggs, whipped cream and if your stepfather really has a more developed sense of humor, you can even put a sack of garbage on.

Another joke you can make to friends from April 1st is to put in the mailbox to your friends a beautifully made letter, the stamp with all the necessary data announcing that they will be disconnected from the electrical network for repairs for 1-2 weeks. It would definitely be a big day trick.

  1. From April 1, an employee enters the boss’s office, plucks the phone cord from the wall, throws his papers on the floor, pours his coffee on his head, and lets him beat, until colleagues in the office shout:

“Stop John, we joked, you did not win at Loto, it’s only April 1”


2. Her husband bit his husband cruelly. The judgment is asked what happened:

– She first called me home during the service, then stripped me and lay me in bed. And then, with a shit, I said it was April 1!



3. She: My dear, I’m pregnant !!! What would you like it to be?

He: 1 April !!!


4. – From April 1. Do not you want to go to a movie and then to my house?

– Ooo … you’re a cinema! You like movies!


5. – Honey, I want to let you know that I’ve cheated on you with a neighbor of 4!

– What the ?

– It was a joke for April 1, baby!

– Pff, I was scared!

– I did not cheat on you at 4, I have my standards … I cheated you with your boss.


6. He: Honey, I deceived you.

She: And I …

He: April 1st ..

She: December 13 …


7. On April 1, John wanted to fool somebody too, so he went to his mother and said,

– Mom, my father hanged in the garage!

His mother flew quickly crying at the station, but there was nobody.

-John, there’s nobody hanging out in the garage.

John responds:

– It was a joke, my father is hanged in the attic



8. Mom, I can not sleep! Tell me, please, a story!

– It’s been over 1 night. I’m leaving the dad immediately and when I ask him where he was, he’ll tell us a story!


9. I love weddings!

The bride pretends to be a virgin, the groom claims to have found the couple, the parents on both sides claim to like it.

Only the guests are honest – they came to eat and eat!


10. What are the 4 lies a student says?

Tomorrow I learn to learn.

Tomorrow I’m bringing you the classes.

Take your clothes off! That I’m not doing anything to you!

I do not get naked because I’m a virgin.


11. My wife kisses me every time I come home.

– That’s the affection!

– No, that’s what she wants to believe … It’s investigation!


12. The husband arrives late at home and jumps quickly to bed.

Leave me alone, says his wife, my head hurts.

– That’s good! How can you hurt today all?


13. – Mom, the doctor told me I could not make babies!

– You have a hereditary problem with my daughter. Even your father could not.


14. A pair of freshly married people came out of the church.

Two boys stood and stared at them! One asks the other:

– You want to scare them? The other one says:

– Yes.

Then the first one goes to the groom and yells,

– Father!!!


15. A white lady brings a little bit of a baby to the world.

Observing her husband’s perplexity, he explains:

-See what can cause your anger to turn off the lights!

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