Animal puns


Who is the biggest animal on the earth?

A Shark? No

An elephant? No

The blue whale


In a jungle why have this situation: how sounds this animals?

An monkey: Uha, Uhaaa

An crow: Cra, Cra, Craaa

An rabbit: Mhm, Hm

An squirell: Tst, Tst, Grt

An lion: Shut up!


An animal tell a pun to another animal:

Do you know we are animals?

Because we are not humans?

No, because we have mammals


animal puns


Animal puns are about how they communicate through them.


Why are cats good at video games?

Because they have nine lives.


What becomes a cat after 3 days?

A cat for four days


Funny animal puns


When is not good to see a black cat?

When you are a mouse.


dogs puns


Why is a dog spinning his tail?

Try to make the two heads meet.


Why do dogs do not know how to dance?

Because they have two left legs.


What does a flea tell another flea?

Are we walking or taking a dog?


A dog praises a cat, he knows a word in another language.

Cat: Yeah? Tell him.

The dog: Miaaau!


Funny animal puns

How do you know if an elephant was in the refrigerator?

You forget if there are traces of an elephant in butter.


How do you know he’s an elephant under the bed?

Touch the ceiling with your nose.


An animal pun is to listen your dog when he want to go outside.


Why do elephants wear sandals?

Not to sink into the sand.


Why does the ostrich put its head in the ground?

To look for the elephants who forgot to put on their sandals.


funny animals puns


Who is stronger, an elephant or a snail?

A snail, because it carries the entire house on its back, the elephant just takes the trumpet.


Why does the elephant have a cute?

Have you ever tried to get it?


Why did his elephant paint his red nails?

To hide in the strawberries.


Why is the elephant standing in the candy stand?

Because he did not fit into the chocolate.


On what occasion does an elephant stand on your fence.

On the occasion that you have to put a new fence.


What are the more Indian elephants?

A mountain chain…


best animal puns


Why does not the elephants eat the malligan?

Because no one gives them.


Animal crossing fish puns

Why the fish cross to river?

Because there was an ocean


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How a cow can speak?


And what she say?

I am hungry or I want to sleep


Animal puns to say at a party

Why did the street cross a chewing gum?

Because she was stuck to a chicken’s leg.


Why do they have bells on their neck?

Because the horns do not work.


What is a North Pole looking for a chicken?

He is lost.


animal pun


Why did the farmer get a brown cow?

Because he wanted to get milk with chocolate. What a funny pun!


Two cows were on a pasture. One of them says:

– Muu!

The second one answers:

– That’s what I meant.


Grandma, is it true that whoever carries carrots has a good view?

Sure. Have you seen a rabbit with glasses?


How does a duck look in the attic?

You take a duck, you climb it in the attic and you look there.


Animal Valentine puns

What it’s the best gift to give on Valentine’s day?

A small dog


Which birds are the most advanced in the elderly?

The stuffed ones.


A chicken enter into a bar…

Give me a bottle of beer

OK, go into oven.


funny animal puns


What’s the tip of the snail?

Run away from home.


What is white with black and lives in the Sahara?

A stray penguin!