Fish Jokes

Fish jokes, to the trouble of the fishermen


Disappointed by the evolution of the Star in the championship, Becali decides to go out for a few hours fishing, to disconnect a little. Get out of Maybach, take out the trunk of the newest model, with a gold hook, remove a frame from the platinum box and … start fishing. At one point shoot, and in the hook, see the wonder, even the Golden Fleece. He looks a little over his head and starts:


-You know, I am the Creator of A …
Becali, nervous, responds:
-Yeah, come on, say it quickly, what do you want me to give you?


Two fishermen discuss on the shore:
– Because they are made of fish jokes. I’ve been here for two days and I haven’t even caught a fish!
-How so? What are you doing to keep from falling?
-What with what? With stones!


The son-in-law discusses with his father-in-law, the fisherman array:
-Daddy-father-in-law, how does the pike pull the line?
-You make fish jokes with me? How do I know, do you think I sat with my head underwater to see her?


funny fish jokes


Ionel, who was reading a book with fishing stories, asks her mother:
– Mommy, are there any fishermen who catch nothing?
– How not to! Your father is a perfect example, and after him, the best fish jokes on the internet were made.


Two fishers arguing with each other?
-And you want to believe that you got a 10kg sleep? You say fish jokes, he admits. Without exaggeration, did he even have 10 pounds?
– Without exaggeration.
-Well, I believe you, but with exaggeration, how much singing?
-I don’t know. I didn’t weigh it.


Funny fish jokes for kids

A fisherman sits on the edge of the lake and calmly fishes. A man comes near him and takes him away?
-What are you doing here, fishers, when it says that fishing is forbidden?
– But I’m not fishing, I wash the frames.


– Bula, do you know what fishnet is made of?
– Of course, guys, there are a lot of holes tied together with twine.


fish jokes


A fisherman was also catching fish, when, suddenly, what to see, in the hook was fighting the Golden Fleece:
– Fisherman, let me go, and I will fulfill three wishes!
-What do I need three wishes for? I’m going to the jeweler!


Best fish jokes

Why cat eat fish? Because they are predators!

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The fisherman struggled hard and, finally, pulled a beautiful fish, about 5 kilograms:
-God, how can you be a sucker to get caught in the hook? the fisherman wondered. – February is you, I’m just depressed, and I tried to kill myself.


A policeman retired, decides to get rid of boredom and goes fishing. Meticulously, he buys everything and then sits on the bank. For 5 hours, nothing catches, and in the end, the hook hooks a small guide. Immediately, the former policeman grabbed him by the tail, gave him sand, and screamed:
– Say where your accomplices are, say it all!


fish jokes for kids


The “luck” of the fishermen and the tendency to exaggerate them made the world laugh on their behalf and appeared the best fish jokes. We have also chosen a few jokes with fish for you, which you can use to entertain your friends or “saddle” some of them with this passion. Also, these one-liners fish jokes will be the delight of any party, so … read on.