Pick up lines

  1. Do you want go be my girlfriend?


  1. Oh … I know you, you were not a finalist in Miss America?


  1. Do you have a map? That I was lost in your eyes.


  1. You have a dressing, I hit my head when I saw you.


  1. I have so much emotion in front of you that I forgot my replica hanging.


  1. I had a bad day and always the smile of a nice girl cheer me up. You want me to smile?


  1. Have I learned at different schools together?


  1. You look so good that I was infected.


  1. Do you believe in love at first glance or do I need to go over again?


  1. Hi, can I buy a car?


  1. What a cute dog, what phone number does it have?


  1. Call the police. It’s illegal to look so good.


Your body is made up of 90% of the water and I’m thirsty.


  1. I think I have problems with my eyes, I can not separate them from you.


  1. I think I am in Heaven, because I saw an angel!

Here are the best pick up lines ever!


Hi! I would like to offer you a shaorma because you are so beautiful, but also because I did not find a flower shop or a better joke to talk to you!


I feel like you’re Cleopatra.

You mean beautiful?

Not realy. I mean you’re dead after me.


Your parents raised you beautiful, but do you mind if I ask you and become mine?


You are so beautiful that I would offer you the moon from heaven, but I have only a gum and a juice.


Did you know that the chances of you being a part of my life are extremely high? I dreamed of getting married last night.


Did you know that our children will be called Eva and Johnny?


Are you looking for good pick up lines?

Perfect! You’ve got the right way, we’ll give you pick up lines that will make your girlfriend fall into your arms. A funny intuitive pick up line will give birth to laughter and interest, as the fact that a guy thinks he’s funny, he thinks you both smart and smart. But be careful not to be too funny, because you can take your shit, not your joke. You can also say romantic replicas that will make your girlfriend look like a romantic yarn.
We recommend that you practice beforehand various hanging speeches and then tell them, when you feel that it is time, do not let anything seem forced.

Flirting with a woman must be natural, and to do this you have to pay real attention to the woman in front of you. Do you really care who she is, beyond makeup, clothes or physically. Because in essence, as it is inside, it will make you feel like you really know it.
In addition to pick up lines, we recommend that you take care of your posture, stay straight, be careful about the way you dress, for example, if you’re going to an elegant party and you’re dressing sports, not a pick up lines it will not help you conquer a woman, since you’re from another movie. 

Your hygiene is also important because you do not want to sweat the sweat just when you are preparing to say a good replica.
We recommend you a context account when you want to say a funny, romantic or cute replica to maximize their effect. The hanging of a woman is also through the body language, so pay more attention to the way you stand, in which you use your hands and the tone of your voice. It is advisable to have a thicker voice tone and to gesture openly and to the interlocutor to be credibly and interestingly perceived by the discussion partner.

A woman is easily hanged when her person really cares about you. And if the great pick up line is coming at the right time, you get a special charm. Your behavior is noticed after you pick up the girl you like.

If you are a man with the words to you all the time, you will not have problems with any woman, you will surely look funny and exciting. It is known that women are the ones who choose their partner according to their preferences, but also according to the personality and the image that you transmit.

We invite you to read the best pick up lines from online and tell the women of your life.