Pick up lines


  1. Do you want go be my girlfriend?


  1. Oh … I know you, you were not a finalist in Miss America?


  1. Do you have a map? That I was lost in your eyes.


  1. You have a dressing, I hit my head when I saw you.


  1. I have so much emotion in front of you that I forgot my replica hanging.


  1. I had a bad day and always the smile of a nice girl cheer me up. You want me to smile?


  1. Have I learned at different schools together?


  1. You look so good that I was infected.


  1. Do you believe in love at first glance or do I need to go over again?


  1. Hi, can I buy a car?


  1. What a cute dog, what phone number does it have?


  1. Call the police. It’s illegal to look so good.


Funny pick up lines


Your body is made up of 90% of the water and I’m thirsty.


  1. I think I have problems with my eyes, I can not separate them from you.


  1. I think I am in Heaven, because I saw an angel!

Here are the best pick up lines ever!


Hi! I would like to offer you a shaorma because you are so beautiful, but also because I did not find a flower shop or a better joke to talk to you!