Mike Wazowski Meme

Laugh at the best meme with Mike Wazowski


Michael “Mike” Wazowski is one of the main characters in Monsters University, also known as Mike. He is that spherical, lime green monster with a big green eye, two small horns on his head, and thin arms and legs attached to both sides of his torso. Even if you can’t believe it, there are memes with Mike Wazowski, and you can read some of them right now.


After graduating, Mike is looking for a job and is hired at a hotel to scare customers. On the night of Halloween, a Frenchman, a Hungarian, and a Romanian take turn staying. At the reception, each of them is informed that at 12 o’clock at night, a ghost appears haunting the rooms.

The Frenchman is staying, Mike appears at 12. “I’m the green ghost with one purple eye!” The Frenchman, scared to death, jumps from the balcony. The Hungarian is accommodated, the story is repeated. He jumps too.

When the gypsy is accommodated, broken by fatigue, he falls directly into bed to rest. Inevitably Mike appears again and says: “I am the green ghost with one purple eye!”.

To which the gypsy:

– If you don’t disappear quickly, I’ll blame the other one too


How do Mike and his friends find out about the future?

I’m reading HORRORscope.


Mike and a friend of his enter a cafe, order a juice and make their own sandwiches.

The waiter says:

– Excuse me, we are forbidden to come with our own food.

The two looked at the waiter, then looked at each other and exchanged sandwiches with each other.


A psychopath calls his doctor in the middle of the night:

– Doctor, you know I couldn’t sleep at night, and you told me to close my eyes and start telling 100 memes with Mike Wazowski.

– Did it work?

– Not! I started counting them, and then I lost all sleep when I realized I forgot two.


Mike enters a confectionery:

– Two chocolate cakes, please!

– Do you serve them here or in a package?

– I’m on a diet here at home!


Mike’s parents decide it’s time for a serious discussion with him:

“Son, you have been adopted,” says the father.

– What? Are you kidding Mike Wazowski with me? I want to meet my biological parents.

– We are the biological parents, now pack your bags, because the new parents will pick you up in 20 minutes.


One evening, Mike’s parents talk to each other:

-Dear, I didn’t think our son could go that far.

-Yes, this catapult is amazing, go and get me!


While driving at high speed, Mike is stopped by a police officer:

– Sir, your daughter, I’ve seen her somewhere before!

– Impossible, since I was born, I keep it in the same place.


A blind man enters a bar and finds his way to a chair. After ordering a drink and sitting there for a while, Mike shouted to the bartender,

– Hey, do you want to hear a joke with blondes?


The bar immediately becomes very quiet. In a loud voice, the woman next to him says, “Before you tell this joke, you should know something. The bartender is blond, the door is blond, and I’m a tall blonde with a black karate belt. Moreover, the girl sitting next to me is blonde and a weightlifter. The woman on your right is blonde and a professional fighter. Think seriously, sir. Do you still want to tell this blonde joke?

The blind man answers:

– Nah, not if I have to explain it five times, I’d better tell you some meme with Mike Wazowski!