Little Johnny Jokes

Little Johnny jokes that will make you laugh with tears


Little Johnny, happy, goes shopping and tells Maria:
– I have two news items for you, one good and one bad!
-What’s the bad thing?
-I spent all your money on the card!
– And what’s the good one?
-I still love you, so poor as you are.


-Little Johnny, stop drinking, alcohol kills!
-No water has made anyone immortal!


At school, the teacher asks Little Johnny:
-Little Johnny, did you read ” Winter on the Yard ”?
-Have you dom ‘teacher, make jokes with Little johnny with me, I didn’t even read this summer at the beach and ask me if I read the winter on the couch?


Funny little Johnny jokes

– Little Johnny, do you know what abstract means? the teacher asks.
– Yes. What cannot be achieved, surprises Little johnny with his answer.
– Excellent, can you give me an example?
– Dad’s fire and salary!


Little johnny jokes for kids

little johnny jokes for kids

Little Johnny meets his friend, Strula:
– My father is a very good man, he is also good at math.
– I know what you want to say! Until two years ago he was my father.


At the time of religion:
– Little johnny, why did God first create man?
– He wanted that once in his life the man could talk freely.

Little johnny’s father buys his car, a Smart. He takes his son for a walk. Bulisor, ecstatic, always looks at the window:
– Dude, is that huge thing on the right the Great Chine

se Wall?
– Not my love, it’s the border, I didn’t leave Mexic.

Little Johnny jokes, always immortal


Little Johnny jokes have always been the favorite of Romanians. And, more than that, the jokes with little Johnny do not show that they are over, on the contrary. Who doesn’t know at least a few jokes with the famous character, and if he doesn’t know – what we doubt, he quickly invents a few and that’s it, the problem is solved. We also have our selection of jokes, and the jokes with Johnny are a place of honor. We invite you to discover only a small part of them, just a few lines below.


Johnny dies and arrives, surprisingly, in Heaven. As he enters the gate of Heaven, he is amazed. Absolutely all the women who were there normally went a few steps and then turned 1-2-3. St. Peter sees that he is somewhat perplexed, and walks towards him. Little Johnny asks him:

-Why are these women doing this?
-Every time they cheated on their man so many times they make a grave.
-God, it’s good then that my wife isn’t here!
-Oooo, Bubulina… How can it not be? If she wasn’t your wife, we wouldn’t have air conditioning here!


At the biology school, she asks little Johnny a joke:
Q: Come on little Johnny, do you know who introduced acupuncture in our country?
B: Yes, Vlad Tepes


-Johnny, do you know that condoms are standard?
-Get out of here, it’s too much like in Johnny jokes!
-See, it means that you don’t run it to the end either…


The bubble goes into the desert. At one point, dying of thirst, he sees a fountain and starts running towards it while shouting: “water, water!”.
Then one of the fountains comes out and shouts “where, where?”


And, our favorite of all the little johnny jokes:
The bubble was at sea, with one hand swimming and the other kicking.


The ophthalmologist:
“Doctor, if I bend down, when I get up, I see some lights in front of my eyes,” said little Johnny jokes.
– Prescribe some glasses for you!
In a week, the two meet again.
– Well, how do you feel with glasses? Do you still see those lights?
– Alas, doctor, you have done real miracles, with your glasses now I see them much more clearly!


Teacher Maria tells the children about the photos taken at school:
– Look, in 20 years you will take the album in your hand, you will look at the photos and you will say: “This is Ileana – now she is a doctor, this is Alex – now she is a businessman …”
Little Johnny says: “This is the teacher Maria, she died a long time ago …”


Johnny father takes him to an important discussion and tells him;
-Bubble, son, I’m sorry you have to know, but I was born in Chernobyl. Sorrowful, Johnny lowers his head and cries.
Dad adds:
-Bubble, wait, I’m not done. Your mother was born in Hiroshima.
The bubble, when it hears, lowers its second head and cries…


The officer at the recruiting center asks little Johnny:
– Recruit, what’s wrong with you?
– It’s an artificial eye …
– And what is an artificial eye made of?
– From the bottle, officer.
– Yes, of course. It means you have to see through it! Apt!


“At the table, welcome to the table, little Johnny, ” said the host, then added timidly: “Do you mind if we are 13 at the table?”
– No, as long as you don’t have only 12 servings.


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Little johnny mother gives her a surprise and buys him a Halloween costume, only good for scaring his friends.
– Mom, I think the price tag should be removed, right?
– No, Johnny, let it be so, we must frighten your father too!

– Little johnny, which animal attaches most to humans?
– Lipstick.


Little johnny, dressed in four needles and a bold, in a pharmacy and asks pharmacists:
– Do you have fish?
– But sir, do you not see that there is a pharmacy here?
– I do not care. I asked you if you have fish!
– No, we have no fish!
– Well, then, today I am your fish.

funny little johnny jokes

Dirty little Johnny jokes

Mom to his kid:

Johnny you come dirty from football

Yes, of course, this was a great day, I score 3 goals and I was the man of the match.

OK, through your dirty clothes and I will clean them.


Maria: – Little Johnny, honey, there are some of our neighbors who say about me that I am overweight!
Little Johnny: – Dear kid, don’t pay attention to it. Come on, take two chairs and come to me to watch the movie!


Always immortal … little johnny jokes


Everybody heard at least one little Johnny jokes. There are so many that it is impossible for anyone to claim that he knows them all, especially since little johnny jokes always appear. We also have a selection of jokes with Johnny, only good to make you laugh on saturates.


– Mom, do the hens drink gas?
– No, Johnny! But how did that idea come to you?
– Well then why are eggs being expensive how many times is it announced on TV that gas is expensive?


Little johnny enters the wave-swirl in a sex shop and, after spinning around an inflatable doll for about 15 minutes, asks the seller:
– When is it manufactured?
The seller checks in the computer and answers:
– January 10, 2019.
– Oh, no! Capricorn, no! Aries do you have?


– Grandpa, what are you doing on the computer?
– I’m watching a historical movie, Johnny.
– You see you’re wrong, this is a porn movie …
– Eee, granddaughter, it’s history to me!


Little Johnny, newly married, goes to tears with her mother and cries to break the shirt on her:
– Mom, Johnny beat me.
– How? Just went away yesterday!
– I thought so too!


Johnny, more timid of his kind, goes to the brothel:
– Are you nervous, my dear?
– Yes, there are few.
– Is this the first time for you?
– No, I’ve been nervous before.

best little johnny jokes

Johnny kid:
– Honey, give me a compliment!
– You have an extraordinary man!


Bubulina and Rozina are also at the table, as the girls:
– My bubble speaks in my sleep, girl! Your lover, right?
– Mine is more parsive, just smile!


– Johnny, what would you like us to do together in the new year?
– Well, Bubulina, let’s do something we’ve never done before!
– What the?
– I drink quietly, and you shut up.

– Madam teacher, why did I take 4 for the test?
– Because the fish have gills, Johnny, not women in the product.


Any novel can boast that it knows a few Little Johnny jokes, and every day new ones appear, more and more. Little Johnny is, in fact, the best known character on the banks, and his fame has exceeded the borders of the country, so that some of the foreigners taste the best Little Johnny jokes. Short jokes are right here.


In fact, there are many Little Johnny, that would write whole books to cover them all. And, it seems that the imagination has not dried yet, and that’s why new Little Johnny jokes are published on the Internet or in the pages of newspapers.


It is also normal, there are no jokes with bad bubble, all are great, and make you laugh with tears. We also offer you a selection of the best Little Johnny jokes, and an invitation to some moments of good mood.