Little Johnny Jokes

Little Johnny jokes that will make you laugh with tears


Little Johnny, happy, goes shopping and tells Maria:
– I have two news items for you, one good and one bad!
-What’s the bad thing?
-I spent all your money on the card!
– And what’s the good one?
-I still love you, so poor as you are.


-Little Johnny, stop drinking, alcohol kills!
-No water has made anyone immortal!


At school, the teacher asks Little Johnny:
-Little Johnny, did you read ” Winter on the Yard ”?
-Have you dom ‘teacher, make jokes with Little johnny with me, I didn’t even read this summer at the beach and ask me if I read the winter on the couch?


– Little Johnny, do you know what abstract means? the teacher asks.
– Yes. What cannot be achieved, surprises Little johnny with his answer.
– Excellent, can you give me an example?
– Dad’s fire and salary!


Little johnny jokes for kids

Little Johnny meets his friend, Strula:
– My father is a very good man, he is also good at math.
– I know what you want to say! Until two years ago he was my father.


At the time of religion:
– Little johnny, why did God first create man?
– He wanted that once in his life the man could talk freely.

Little johnny’s father buys his car, a Smart. He takes his son for a walk. Bulisor, ecstatic, always looks at the window:
– Dude, is that huge thing on the right the Great Chinese Wall?
– Not my love, it’s the border, I didn’t leave Mexic.


Little johnny mother gives her a surprise and buys him a Halloween costume, only good for scaring his friends.
– Mom, I think the price tag should be removed, right?
– No, Johnny, let it be so, we must frighten your father too!

– Little johnny, which animal attaches most to humans?