Ginger jokes

Have you ever met a ginger girl?

Honestly, I would like your answer to be NO and I will tell you about it.

Some time ago I was sitting on Tinder and I was trying to hang on to a girl and I kept saying that I loved everyone.

Still giving heart, even without looking I see a match. When I look closely, I was super like from a ginger girl. She was beautiful and I said, let’s write to her.

While typing a message to impress girls (“Hello! What are you doing?”)

I get a huge message from her:

“Hi, my name is Ariana!


Funny ginger jokes

Ever since I saw you I have fallen in love and love you immensely.

I am excited for the knowledge, but I would like to know that:

  • I do not meet nonsense
  • I don’t like glasses
  • Do not go to meetings
  • If you are arrogant we will not talk because I do not support the arrogant
  • I have a BMW, so if you have another brand of car we do not fit
  • I support gender equality, and if you want to be the alpha male, you gave wonder women and wonder women accept no dominant man
  • If you get this message it means that there is nothing serious and you have no chance to be together! “


Moral: Ginger girls are worse than brunettes and more pretentious than blondes, so stay away!

What do you call a tall redhead?

A gingeraffe.


What’s the difference between terrorists and redheads?

You can negotiate with terrorists.


What’s the difference between blondes and redheads women in bed?