Dad jokes


My dad tell me a joke and I am: Yes, sure… ha, ha, ha

How a dad make jokes? They talk about their children, they can not make jokes about football.

How do you ask your dad to give a ride to school?

Dad, today I don’t want to go to school

What your dad will tell you at the phone when you are at work? Do you ate today?

How your dad will show his love to you? He buys you a car or a house.

Best joke to say to your dad: In the morning I was thinking that I want to go with you at fishing, your dad is “Yes, yes!”, but I don’t know now…

Dad can you give some advice?

Your dad: Go to your mother…

  1. The phone is ringing.

Lifts the father’s three-sided receiver:

– Are you, my little frog? a man’s voice is heard.

– No. I am the owner of the lake! – says the father.


2. Daddy, Dad, how are the kids coming up?

And the father begins to tell:

– One day, a bird came up with a seed and planted it in the garden.

After nine months, my mother picked it up and so you appeared.

In the afternoon, the little girl writes in her diary: ‘Today I talked about

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