Romantic pick up lines

I’m going to take a breath, because you cut my breath!


Type: Do you know how much a polar bear wears? Tip: No. Type: Enough to break the ice. Hi my name is…


So many curves, and I have no brakes, mrrrr!

Do you know why the sky is so blue? Because all blue is hiding in your eyes!


Do not stop! I rarely go to see such beauty in motion!

I lost my cat, can you help me find it? I think he went into a room at this hotel!


Somehow I call you Summer? Because you’re hot!

romantic pick up lines

Do you want to come to me and do stuff about which I will praise tomorrow anyway that I did?


Best romantic pick up lines


I believe that when God created the perfect woman you were born!

Perhaps I am not the spirit that fulfills all your desire, but I could at least be one of your dreams that have come true.


In a field filled with flowers, you are the perfect rose!

If you were a new type of McDonald’s hamburger, you would call yourself McSplendid!


It is said that people with beautiful eyes have a soul as well! Do you want to prove to me that the old wise men have not been wrong?

I think they’ve arrested you a lot of times so far. For it is illegal to look so good!


My future sounds so beautiful when you shut up.


Romantic pick up lines for your boyfriend

best romantic pick up lines


No flower compares to your beauty.


If I were to die tomorrow, your kiss would send me and make me immortal.


I suffer from a rare disease, and the doctor told me that I need love from you.


Mom and Dad want grandchildren and they tell me they want you to be their daughter-in-law.


I do not know what day it is today, but I know for sure that it is my lucky day because you appeared in my path.

best romantic pick up lines


This meaningless life is much more beautiful knowing that you exist and that I have the chance to conquer you.


Don’t let me die and give up. I feel like you could save me and make me happy.

My love for you is so great that my stomach demands food in 5 to 5 minutes.


It is so beautiful that when I look at it my ears clap.


If I were for one day God would make all women resemble you.



It is so beautiful that when you touch me I feel like I can walk in 3 feet to the end of the world.


Cheesy romantic pick up lines


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Why are you so romantic?

Because I really like you

Oh, you are so needy…


I don’t know how it is done, but you look like the future mother of my children.


If you have a little free time I could give you all my money just for you to be with me, but I hope it will be $ 5.


If I were poor and not a millionaire do you think I would have a chance with you?


You are so beautiful that when you walk all the ugly cries behind you.

romantic lines


Most romantic pick up lines

Although the lemon is so bitter, you could make it as sweet as honey.


Hi! I’ve been looking for a long time and I can’t find what you have.

What do you not find?

A mom with a girl like you to take as a wife!


romance pick up lines


If you kiss me, I’d melt like an ice cube and evaporate!


You are so special that this word was invented for you.