Jokes for kids


What did the figure say 0 to 8?

– Beautiful belt!


His grandfather and grandson were arguing.

The nephew says:

– I have a lot of friends on Facebook that I have never met!

Grandpa responds:

– In my time I called him imaginary friends …


Teacher to student:

– Why does your topic seem to be written by your father? It resembles his handwriting!


– Because I used his pen!


A grandfather tells his nephew:

– One day I was on a boat on the Nile in Egypt, watching quietly at the pyramids, when I was attacked by twenty-five huge crocodiles. I proved them all!

– But, grandfather, you told me this story last year and there were only ten crocodiles!

– Well, hm … you were too young to know the truth!


A cat approaches an aquarium and greedily looks at the fish inside. He stretches his paw to catch the fish. He sees it and, very scared, shouts:

– Woof woof! Then it starts to growl just like a dog.


The cat gets scared and runs away. The fish eats happily:

– How good that I learned a foreign language!


A kid enter into a bar:

Give me some hot milk wiht a little honey and cookies






What is fastest kid?



What has ears but cannot hear?

A cornfield.


If you are kid and you want to have a great time today, just read this jokes and you will have it. Our jokes are tailored for kids humor. We hope that you have a great day with us.


– Dad hurts my tooth really bad.

– My dear, then we have to go to a dentist.

– When?

– As soon as I finish the job, but are you afraid?

– No, Dad. I’m not afraid of the dentist.

–              Very well! You are very brave! To know that the dentist does nothing for you and you have to be brave!

– Dad, but if the dentist doesn’t do anything to me, then why should we go to him again?


One day he calls Craig’s father out:

– Sir, your son drew a fly on a bank, but it was very real. I tried to kill her and destroyed my fist.

– Ha ha ha …! Ma’am, this is a small thing compared to the crocodile he painted in the bathroom, which was so real that I was trying to get out through a door painted on the wall.


A kid tell to his friend:

Can you give me your phone?

Yes, of course

Good, let’s buy some gold for my online game.


The father, mother and child were at the table and eating.

– Daddy why did you marry your mother? Ask the child

– See darling, not even the child understands why.

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