Jokes for kids

What did the figure say 0 to 8?

– Beautiful belt!


Knock, knock jokes for kids

Knock, Knock

Who is there?

The kid who bring you pizza

Oh yes!



His grandfather and grandson were arguing.

The nephew says:

– I have a lot of friends on Facebook that I have never met!

Grandpa responds:

– In my time I called him imaginary friends …


Good jokes for kids

Teacher to student:

– Why does your topic seem to be written by your father? It resembles his handwriting!


– Because I used his pen!


Funny jokes for kids

A grandfather tells his nephew:

– One day I was on a boat on the Nile in Egypt, watching quietly at the pyramids, when I was attacked by twenty-five huge crocodiles. I proved them all!

– But, grandfather, you told me this story last year and there were only ten crocodiles!

– Well, hm … you were too young to know the truth!

jokes for kids


A cat approaches an aquarium and greedily looks at the fish inside. He stretches his paw to catch the fish. He sees it and, very scared, shouts:

– Woof woof! Then it starts to growl just like a dog.


The cat gets scared and runs away. The fish eats happily:

– How good that I learned a foreign language!


Silly jokes for kids

A kid enter into a bar:

Give me some hot milk wiht a little honey and cookies




kids jokes


What is fastest kid?



What has ears but cannot hear?

A cornfield.


Best jokes for kids

If you are kid and you want to have a great time today, just read this jokes and you will have it. Our jokes are tailored for kids humor. We hope that you have a great day with us.


– Dad hurts my tooth really bad.

– My dear, then we have to go to a dentist.

– When?

– As soon as I finish the job, but are you afraid?

– No, Dad. I’m not afraid of the dentist.

– Very well! You are very brave! To know that the dentist does nothing for you and you have to be brave!

– Dad, but if the dentist doesn’t do anything to me, then why should we go to him again?


One day he calls Craig’s father out:

– Sir, your son drew a fly on a bank, but it was very real. I tried to kill her and destroyed my fist.

– Ha ha ha …! Ma’am, this is a small thing compared to the crocodile he painted in the bathroom, which was so real that I was trying to get out through a door painted on the wall.


All kids have a mom, so we recommend you to check this yo mama jokes.


A kid tell to his friend:

Can you give me your phone?

Yes, of course

Good, let’s buy some gold for my online game.

puns for kids

The father, mother and child were at the table and eating.

– Daddy why did you marry your mother? Ask the child

– See darling, not even the child understands why.


Humor is part of our lives and it is normal for it to be present in our daily lives. Laughing a few minutes a day makes us much more productive, relaxed, more creative and energetic.

Although it may seem meaningless, humor should not be missed from the perfect day menu. No matter what age we have, we need jokes.


If you’ve got your own family do not forget you have to smile and your kids needs moments of joy. Learn to say jokes for kids because you will help them develop their sense of humor and their sensitivity to jokes.


Teach the little one to say  kids jokes, relax by reading jokes about their age and on their meaning. Though it may seem tough, there are plenty of kids joke sites designed specifically for the little ones.

Here are some examples of jokes you can tell your child:


– If that tooth hurts you, we have to go to a dentist. I hope you’re not afraid.

– No, daddy.

– That’s what I want you be brave. Know that the dentist does nothing!

– If so, what’s the point of bothering him?



“Maybe, can somebody be punished for something he did not do?”

– Not.

– Then please do not punish me because I did not write my theme for today.


– Dad, why did you get married to Mom?

– See, even the child does not understand why.



Learn to say kid jokes and teach your children to be open and have a sense of humor developed