Silly Jokes

Silly jokes, but you’ll love it


A Scot goes to the tailor:
– My son owes you money for a costume you made three years ago, he tells the tailor.

– Oh, yes, I remember, but now it’s settled. In fact, you came to give me the money, didn’t you?

– Not even the mention! I would like to order a suit in the same conditions as he does.


Before an important exam, wanting to motivate him a little, the father tells his son:
– You would do well to pass the exam today! If not, better, forget that I am your father!
– Sure, Dad.

After a few hours, the young man leaves the exam:
– So, how was the exam? he asks, full of emotion, father

– Excuse me, but I don’t know who you are! Answers the student candidly.


silly jokes


Ask Radio Yerevan:
-Why the U.S. is it the only state in the world that has never had coups or dictatorships?
– Simple: Because it is the only state in the world that has never had the U.S. Embassy in its territory.


A priest and a policeman were together on the street. At one point, I see two individuals fighting the fire mother with knives. The policeman prepares to intervene and separate the two beaters, but the priest stops him saying to the kid:
– Wait, this is silly. Don’t rush like that! Let them finish, and then one of yours and the other is mine!


Best Silly Jokes

best silly jokes


-You knew that the Canadians are the only ones who can write a sentence of 8 words of pronoun, each with two different letters, which will make sense: “No, you, me, he, she…”


You’ve heard of grim jokes, dry jokes, and crazy jokes, but what do you think about some silly jokes you will adore? No, there is no bank, there are some stupid jokes, some that have enough fans, so maybe you are curious to read some.


Silly Kids Jokes

– My dear, I’m so proud of you, since my mother came to us, you never drank a drop of alcohol.
– That would be missing, I see yours in duplicate…


-What did you suffer, Bula, to go to carts?
-I had a car accident.
-You can’t go without them?
– I have no idea, the doctor tells me I can go, but my lawyer does not.


Here are the worst jokes, easy to read, and to tell your friends.


-What condition must a cake seller meet in Scotland?
-She has diabetes.


-What is the bravest animal?
-The snake always has cold blood


silly jokes for kids


In the subway, a girl tells a rich man:
– Please take the suitcase off the aisle!
– Well, that’s not a suitcase, it’s a wallet!


I do not know what to believe. I attended kindergarten together, I was in a class at school, and I went to the same college group. I look at Facebook, she writes that she is 27, but I am 38 years old.


That is why we have prepared for you some of the best ever silly jokes. And, who knows, you can become their fan, or you can even make some silly jokes for others.