Bad jokes

How do you know if a man is bad?

Smile him!


Really bad jokes

You are so dumb that you don’t see the truth in your face


Best bad joke to say at your school to your professor: I want to give me a small note today!


Good bad jokes

How to do you say a bad joke to a girl on street! Stop she on the street and say: I am in love of you and I want you to be me wife! She will be surprised by your proposal, but you will say quick, so first I want to know you, give your phone number.



A woman goes to a store to get something to cook. Although it was several minutes before the store closed, she rushes in and says.

– Good evening do you have hens?

The seller, very bored and tired, removes the only hen from the refrigerated box he had and places it on the scales saying:

– 1,120 kilograms has a gain. Do you buy it?

– You don’t have a bigger one?

The seller is extremely nervous, takes the hen, a stick in the crate and not having another one takes out the crate the same hen and puts it on the scales again, but also pressing the finger on the scales.

– 1,650 kg has a weight gain.

– I take both of them, says a woman.

Bad dad jokes

Dad can we go at Disney Land?

No, just watch TV


Bad jokes to say to your girlfriend

Do you want to have a funny day with me?