Corny jokes

The best corny joke to say: I don’t advise you


A corny joke will help you to break the ice of a discussion. For example, you can start to talk with a girl like that: Hi, do you fall from heaven or I am just lucky to meet you?

  • Can you give me some salt from the table?
  • Why don’t take it to you?
  • Because I don’t want to escape the salt from my hand and to wrangle with you
  • Ha, ha, ha…

My girlfriend believes that I am a corny guy. I tell her that I am tough inside but sensible outside.

I am trying to be cool at my school, but my colleagues tell me that I am trying to be a star…


funny corny jokes


What’s at the bottom of the stirring sea?

A nervous wreck.


How do you stop a bull from charging?

Cancel credit card.


What is the favorite musical instrument of a skeleton?

Trom’s bone.


Funny corny jokes

What illness do you get when you put on Christmas decorations?



How do the billboards speak?

Sign language.


corny jokes


What do you call an unpredictable room?

A free Canon.


Corny dad jokes

Dad, can you buy me a gift?

No, because Santa will bring it to you.


Why was the sand wet?

Because of the great weed.


Really corny jokes

How did the hairdresser win the race?

He knew a shortcut.


What is orange and sounds like a parrot?

A carrot.


The ideal wife is the one who deals with the cultural level of her husband. In the morning, he does a circus and in the evening, he plays.


Corny jokes for kids

corny jokes for kids

A couple of young couples are at the table, and she tells them:

– Baby, I know you won’t believe it, but this soup I fried it alone.


After 12 months of wedding planning, the big day has come. There are several hours and I have great regret, namely that I will not be able to see your face when you receive the text message:

“This wedding was a scam on April 1!”


The husband comes home early and finds his wife in bed with another man.

– Who is this individual ?! He shouted, very angry.

– You are right, dear, says the wife, turning to the other: Who are you and how do you call yourself, sir?


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Corny jokes for her

On New Year’s Eve, Mrs. Smith gave birth to 5 children. The children are in a healthy hospital, but doctors are hoping to keep Mr. Smith alive.


My dear, why are you so corny?

Because I like to be like that!


In any marriage, someone is always right, but the man is never!


kids corny jokes


A man before the engagement goes to his father and tells him:

– Dad, I found a woman just like my mother!

– Well, what do you want? Do you want compassion? He asks his father.


No offense to corny jokes

There have always been and will be many evil jokes in the future. In fact, any occasion is good for the most haughty to bring out new and corny jokes. We also have some fun, funny samples that we hope will bring a smile to your lips.


How does a man do gymnastics exercises on the beach?
He sucks his belly whenever he sees some good guys wearing only bikinis.


What does a man look like who makes his supplies?
Buy two cans of beer instead of one.


corny best jokes


What did God say after He created man?
Yes, it’s good, but I can overcome myself.

Why do most men’s sports play on artificial grass?
So that the players are not tempted to stop playing and start to play.

Why are so many re-enactments at the stages of sports?
Because after 30 seconds, men forget everything that happened.

– Listen, do you have a favorite writer?
– Yes, he is my boyfriend.
– Wow, that’s interesting. And what does he write?
– Checks!

– I hope that the gift I am preparing to give you as a gift for your day will be fine on your delicate finger, my dear.
-Thank you, dear! Just be careful not to be too expensive.
-No worries! I have never seen any expensive fingers before.


Two grandparents tell each other:
– Tomorrow, my nephew is getting married!
– Congratulations! And where is the bride from?
– From Facebook … But I don’t know where this country comes from.


funny corny jokes


Corny jokes meaning

Two friends, discuss at the Mall:
-Draga, but what an interesting model you have on the chain pendant. Where did you get it from!
-You, and with you, I used the engagement rings received.


Discussion in the southern area of ​​the United States of America:
– Did you hear James, that a black man would become the president of America?
– Yes? … Do you realize how happy his master must be?