Drake Meme

The best Drake meme you’ve read!


You’ve heard of the controversial Drake, of course, so there’s no need for a presentation. And as humor never left us, it was normal for Drake meme to appear with. We decided to present you with a selection in the following lines, only good to make you regain your good mood.


-When the cannibals revolted and decided to attack civilized people, why were Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Drake spared?
-It’s simple, they also have rules that they follow, and one of them would be that you don’t have to eat rappers if you don’t want your head to hurt.

Drake meme blank


-Why did Drake go back to high school?
-To take his girlfriend. It ends at 16.00.


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-Given the recent video appearances, but also the messages he received on Twitter, Drake set the age limit for his concerts at 16 years old. Anyone older than that is already too old.

Drake yes no meme


Billie Eilish’s parents can breathe a sigh of relief: their daughter has just turned 18… she’s too old for Drake now.

Soulja boy drake meme


Drake runs out of money and comes up with a great idea to make money! He writes on the door of his apartment in capital letters “in bed”: $ 100, “on the couch”: $ 50, “on the floor”: $ 25. Cher, who reads the ad, pulls out her checkbook and knocks on the house’s door. Drake opens and reads the check: $ 100. Slightly embarrassed, Drake asks: In bed, isn’t it? To which Cher replies:

– Don’t be naive, my dear! I’ve read enough Drake meme! 4 times on the floor!

Drake clapping meme


One day, there was a big meeting at a record company where music was discussed. There were 7 people in the office. Six of them were musicians, and the seventh was Drake.


Question: How many professional singers does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Two: one to change it and Drake to say: Hmmmm… I don’t know… What idea do you have?

Question: How can you make Drake give up rap?
Answer: Put some scores in front of him and ask him to sing. He’ll think it’s a Drake meme and he’ll try to read. Yeah, we know the sequel…


Question: What is the name of the person who stays next to the musicians all the time?
Answer: Drake.


Drake, in a moment of relaxation, sitting on a bench in the park, sees two young women running:
“What are the girls doing, playing jogging?”


Q: How do you address Drake when you see him dressed in a suit?
A: Defendant, if you want to know the decision of the Court, you have to stand up.

Drake meme template

Q: What method of contraception is most often used by Drake?
A: His personality is “full” of charm. What a great Drake meme!


Q: What’s the difference between a jet plane and a Drake song?
A: About 3 decibels.

Meek mill and drake meme


Drake, on a social network: Did you hear my last recital?
Fans: I hope so.


The shortest joke with musicians: Drake comes out of a bar awake…