Terms of service

Terms of Service

  1. Introduction

In the following, we will introduce you to the Terms of Service for our site, jokesforfunny.com

Before using our site, please do read the following Terms of Service thoroughly.

Using and operating on this site, you declare that you have read, understood, and accepted the current Terms of Service.

If you find yourself not agreeing to the Terms of Service for jokesforfunny.com, please do not use the site.

  1. Notation for various parties

In the following, our site www.jokesforfunny.com might be referred to as “us”, “we”, “our site,” and “the site”.

In addition to this, we might refer to you, the visitor, as “you”.

The third-parties mentioned in this Privacy Policy will be called by their original name.

III. Future changes to our Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy Policy periodically because it may be subject to periodic changes. Continued use of the site indicates that you have read and accepted our privacy policy.

The Privacy Policy may undergo changes or additions. Any changes to the privacy policy will be highlighted and displayed on the site.


  1. Law and Treaty Affiliation

The server and the website is based in the USA.

Furthermore, content on the site is covered by international copyright laws. For more information, please read our Copyright Policy.

  1. User Content

We do not own any of the jokes submitted by our users to the site.

Thus, the content submitted by our users can be owned by no one but the originator or the license holder.

By submitting jokes to our site, you signify and guarantee you have the right to grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irreversible, permanent global license to do, as we like with the submitted content.


Furthermore, by submitting content to our site, you declare that you do not violate any present national law, others’ rights, or the originator of the content. In addition to this, you declare that jokes for funny cannot be held accountable for any unlawful submissions.

Moreover, you accept that advertisements and commercials might be present during the feature of your submitted content on our site.


  1. Copyright

For information about our Copyright Policy, we advise you to read our “Copyright Policy” which is also stated in the following:

The Copyright Policy of our jokes includes on a) text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, pictures and the site’s software; and b) jokes and other content of the site.


VI.I. Property of jokes for funny

Text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, pictures, and software belonging to the site are protected by copyright. Any modification or changes to this content is the property of jokes for funny without exceptions.

Furthermore, the content belonging to jokesforfunny.com may not be used without our prior written consent on other websites or commercial use.


VI.II. Intellectual Content

All intellectual content on this site regarding jokes is not the property of jokesforfunny.com. It is thus not included in our Copyright Policy.

Instead, this content belongs to the particular submitters and originators.


VII. Third party service providers

We would like to make you aware of the fact we use third party services.

Such services might include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and cookies in general. That means your traffic on our site will be monitored and tracked for Google’s use. As stated before, other third-party services that are not mentioned here might be present on the site.

For more information about third-party services, please read our Privacy Policy.


VIII. Links to third-party sites

On our site, you might find links to other sites that are not owned or affiliated directly with jokesforfunny.com.

We are not responsible for any action or what might happen when visiting a third-party site.

Please also be aware that these Terms of Service do not apply to third-party sites. Therefore we advise you to read the Terms of Service when visiting a new site.

The links to other sites can include written links, advertisements, and other sources.

These links do not suggest jokesforfunny.com is in any way associated with the concerned third party.


  1. Cancellation

We claim the right to cancel any user’s access to the site if he/she has failed to obey the Terms of Service – or due to immoral behavior.

However, the user’s content will not be deleted from the site; only if this violates copyright acts or our Terms of Service.


  1. Privacy Policy
    Your personal privacy is important to us. Therefore, please do read our Privacy Policy prior to using this site.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.