Pikachu Meme

From pokemon hunting to Pikachu meme

Surely you’ve heard of Pokemon hunting, and maybe you’ve ever played, or know someone who has responded positively to this challenge. From here to the appearance of the Pikachu meme was only a step, so… we complied. We have compiled for you a list of the best jokes of this kind, which will make you feel good but will allow you to tell others. So, let’s get started.



Surprised pikachu meme


Pikachu face meme


Tired of Pikachu meme and other similar jokes, the decided to “break the market”: they announced that there would be a variant for the barosani of the Pokemon Go game. It will highlight the ancestral traditions: it will be called Pitiponc GO where you can hunt princesses through clubs, terraces or at the beach.

Detective pikachu meme


Shocked pikachu meme generator


Pikachu what meme

Best pikachu meme