Flirty pick up lines

    1. I think your father is the famous Bin Laden. Why? Well, you’re a very sexy bomb!
    2. Kiss is the language of love, so why should we start a conversation?
    3. I did not believe in love at first glance until you entered the door.
    4. I like your pants. Do you think I can convince you to take them down?
    5. My magic watch says you’re not wearing lingerie now. Ah, are you still playing? It means it’s an hour before!
    6. Something’s wrong with my eyes. I just can not untie them from you.
    7. Have the stars already appeared? Ah, no, it’s just your eyes.
    8. Was your father a bitch? Looks like he stole the stars from the sky and hid them in your eyes.
    9. Your eyes are blue like the sea, and I am a lovable wreck.
    10. Did I see you on the cover of Vogue?
    11. I hope you took first aid lessons, because you were breathing.
    12. You are so sweet that I miss the masses!
    13. You know, these lips will not kiss alone!


If I were a napkin, would you put your number on it?


I don’t know why, but destiny made me come today at this time, at this time and in this place to meet you.


My future is very promising right now. You know why?

Not. I do not even know you.

Because I found my muse and I want you to guide my life.


Flirty pick up lines for texting

Has anyone ever told you that you are dangerous?

Not. Why?

Because you’re the bomb.