Love jokes

He and she were sitting on the lake, the sky was clear and I started to talk.


She: What is romantic is that the two of us have been together for so long. Give me a compliment to show me how much you love me!


He: Do you really have to ?! You know I don’t like this.


She: Try, even if you have a neuron and that tired one I know you can make a compliment.


He: You’re so beautiful that if you go through my face, it would be impossible not to notice you.


She: I mean, are they attractive and do you always see me?


He: If you think the 120kg makes you attractive, then yes.


She: What joke did you make!


He: Don’t you upset love. You are like Earth to me to me.


Funny love jokes

She: You mean precious and essential?


He: I was thinking more about the sea and the priceless people.


The wife returns from shopping and tells her husband:

– I have two news for you:

The bad: I’ve spent all your money.

Good: I love you so poor, as you are!


When the man feels bad, he’s looking for his wife. When the man feels good – his wife is looking for him!



A woman to a man at a party:

– You look alike to my third husband.

– But how many times have you been married?