Racist Jokes

No offense: racist jokes, but funny


A black tells racist jokes to his friends:

Why are you so white?

Because your jewelry is small, and they have to shine.


In Auschwitz, an SS captain appears telling the prisoners.
– Guys, today I have bad news and good news for you. Which do I say first?
– That’s good! The detainees in the choir respond.
– So … today you change clothes!
Great joy among the prisoners, but the bad news immediately appears:
– Between you!


racist jokes

In a concentration camp, the supervising officer announces:
– Today, you will take a bath …
Joy to the top …
– In the pool with sulfuric acid!


Census Auschwitz. The detainees are weighed, and the data passed in a register
– Isaac: One kg and 8 hundred grams …
– Jacob: One kg and 9 hundred grams …
– Moses: Three kg and 1 hundred grams!
Mirat, the SS officer raises his eyes, draws his friend by the jaw, the prisoner whispering admiringly:
– Ma… chubby!


Funny racist jokes

funny racist jokes

Q: What is the difference between a cookie and a Jew?
A: Cozonac does not scratch at the oven door…


Q: Why did the gas showers have 11 holes?
A: Initially, they were designed with 10, but then it was found that no Jew has more than 10 fingers on his hands…


In racial discrimination in South Africa, many citizens went on the trip when people were black and white. Not having “color” funny jokes, the bus driver in which they were traveling decided that there will be all the green trips from now on.

Everybody travels quietly until they rested and met their physiological needs in a parking lot after eating. On the climb, the people started to insult and make a scandal. The driver of the bus, hearing the quarrel, told them:
– Please don’t cram! The greens closed to climb through the back, and the greens opened to the front.


Read also friendly offensive jokes, and you will have a fun day.


Two people are fighting in a lake: one black and the other white. Which one do you save first?
Correct answer: the black one, as the white wing can be Mexican.


In Cluj, a guy goes into a bar with a crocodile in a leash and asks the bartender:
-Don’t you mind, here you serve Hungarians?
-Surely! What do you want me to bring you?
-May a beer and crocodile 2 fresh Hungarian!


Asian racist jokes:

Ming Li can you give me a glass of water please?

Why not? I am an Asian, but only for $2, you can receive an orange juice.

I offer you $1,5 for this juice.

Give $1, and it’s yours!


I: You know who wrote the carol “A beautiful fir tree!”?
A: Definitely a Mexican, because if it were American, the carol would have been “A beautiful fir tree!”


Indian racist jokes

A white came to court accused of racism, which was always fought and fought with the indian in the village.
Judge: White people, what do you have with me?
Indian: Who, me? The Asian is my brother …. my brother dies.


Jew racist jokes

A house of jew was burning. The jew cries out to his wife:
-Yeah, it smells like burnt sugar!
-Mo, didn’t your mother have diabetes?

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Funny racist jokes about mexicans

Why they don’t cross the border?

Because they are small people, but with a big heart.


One evening, gypsy comes home to his Miranda with a handgun. Miranda asks him: Where did you get him from?
I went to the bar to see what it was like, asked the bartender from there for a little rum, that I had no money from a big one, and he gave me p-this.


Mexicans are champions when it comes to racist jokes. In fact, there are so many racist jokes that everyone knows at least one.


However, lately, those racist jokes don’t seem to be spoken that often, because you can be accused, at best, of discrimination. That is why there are camps for those who appreciate some good racist jokes and those who challenge them.


Most racist jokes were invented: with jews, gypsies, Indians, blacks, and white people. In fact, fantasy has proven to be inexhaustible in terms of racist jokes, more or less successful. We also have a selection of the most popular racist jokes.