Chinese jokes

How do you recognize a chinese?

Looking at his eyes


Why chinese have eyes different than others?

Because they look always from far to close.


Chinese people jokes

A Chinese tell a joke to his friend

Give some soy sauce for my french fries.


Black man white man chinese man jokes

A black, an white and a chinese travel with train

The black man show a big pumpkin and chinese and white stare at his pumpkin

The white man show a big celery from his bag and the others stare at his vegetable

Chinese man joke with them and show a big melon and say it’s a pea


Black man white man chinese man jokes enter into a bar and order some sake.


A group of chinese meet in a restaurant in Paris. What they order?

Noodles please!


china jokes


What is most proteic food?



How a Chinese react when you say if they can do something?

They say always: “Yes” and smile


Can you give to a Chinese some copy of your work?

Yes, if you want to replicate 10x cheaper.


Why Chinese are the best in the world at manufacturing?

Because they are a lot.


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Chinese ppl jokes


Bily took pictures of 20 Chinese.

Not to take a separate picture for each one, he took a single picture in 20 copies.

Everyone was pleased, only one Chinese returned angry.

“This is not my picture,” says the Chinese.

– How so? Is not that your face?

– Yes, but my shirt is not mine.

chinese jokes


– Why did you give the first child a Chinese name?

– Jackie Chan



It was concluded that expression:

“All men are the same” was invented by a Chinese woman who lost her husband in the crowd!


Chinese and french have similar in common, read french jokes to find what.


Why in Chine why have still communism?

Because they are commun chinese.


Racist chinese jokes

An American doctor goes to China for a congress of doctors discussing birth control.

They all gather around the Chinese doctor to find out how they solved their birth problem.

– My dear medical colleagues from all over the world. To us in China when a man comes to a consulate, we ask him to put his testicles on the table. I keep them well, I take a hammer and I try my best to have an effect.

All doctors were scared of this painful method.

A more courageous doctor asks with half a voice:

– But doesn’t it hurt?

To which the calm doctor responds: – Only if I make a mistake with the hammer in my finger.



Q: How did the Chinese break the Nasa?

A: They tried every word in the world.


A good man at the doctor with his child says:

– Doctor, my child is almost two years old and hasn’t opened his eyes yet.

– The Lord thinks the problem is not with the child but with you. You have to open your eyes because the child is Chinese.


– Why did you give your little baby Chinese name?


– Well, my wife read that one of 5 children in the world is Chinese, which is why I gave her Chinese names.


On a US Navy ship was a Chinese chef. Poor and weak, this was the target of bad crew jokes, jokes to which, however bad it was, they never get angry.

One evening, a few months later, the crew decided it was time to finish with bad jokes, which is why they called on him to notify him:

– Look, since you’ve been on the boat, I made you all sorts of jokes and you’re not upset at all. Today we promise you that we will never make you a bad joke.

“Well, if you promise not to make any bad jokes, then I promise not to pee in your soup!