Food puns


What’s a fruit’s favorite celebrity

Melon Degeneres!


Tastemade food puns at a contest

Who want to eat all the hot peppers


What it’s the most favorite food?



If you eat healthy from restaurants, your food it’s just a pun.


What did Taylor Swift say to the melon?

Look what you made me dew!


What did the bread say to the butter?

You’re my butter half!


A carrot tell to a cucumber?

Look at me, I am so strong and big?

Really? I am used more than you in salads!


What do you say to a herb that’s running late at a meeting?

It’s about thyme!


Who a chinese make a food pun?

With love!


What it’ts the best food pun?

Foot pun!


Why some restaurants have the offer all you can eat?

Because they have a little menu


What do you call a good corn harvest?

Polenta to go around!


Food puns are said at a table because people don’t want to fall off the chair

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