Food puns


What’s a fruit’s favorite celebrity

Melon Degeneres!


What it’s the most favorite food?



If you eat healthy from restaurants, your food it’s just a pun.


What did Taylor Swift say to the melon?

Look what you made me dew!


What did the bread say to the butter?

You’re my butter half!


A carrot tell to a cucumber?

Look at me, I am so strong and big?

Really? I am used more than you in salads!


What do you say to a herb that’s running late at a meeting?

It’s about thyme!


What it’ts the best food pun?

Foot pun!


Why some restaurants have the offer all you can eat?

Because they have a little menu


What do you call a good corn harvest?

Polenta to go around!



What do you call cheese that’s gone crazy?

Out of it’s rind!


What I order at a restaurant?

A glass of water! Because is free…


What a poor man eat from a luxury restaurant?

Steaks, seafood, salads and others. They are remains from people who buy them at a big price.

So, why you have to pay more at restaurant when you can eat for free.


How do eggs show affection?

They shower each other with quiches!


Why some peoples recycle they oils?

Because they can sell it almos the same price that they bought it.

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