Food jokes

Food jokes, to laugh to be saturated!


At school, the teacher asks:
-Children, do you know what vegetarians are?
– Yes, there are those people who do not eat animals but leave them without food. The candidate responds Bula.


When it comes to chocolate, we do not allow any jokes. It is scientifically proven that it is made from cocoa beans. They grow in a tree. Obviously, that is a plant. Therefore, the conclusion is self-evident: chocolate is a salad.

food jokes


Sir John goes to his favorite restaurant, and he orders his favorite way: shell cream soup. Quickly, the waiter brings his order and wants to go to other customers. Sir John calls him back to the table:

– Taste soup, he suggests.
– Why? We do not make jokes about food. It is excellent food!
– You like soup, Sir John insists.
– Sir, you come here daily and order the same food. Everything was perfect, neither too hot nor too cold, according to salt.
– It tastes like soup!
– Either, a taste, but where’s the spoon?
-You got caught!


Chinese food jokes

What it’s the favorite food of the Chinese?

Chicken legs


Two young couples, at the first meal in two after the euphoria of the Honeymoon, passed:
– Baby, what have we got to eat?
– Ctrl V!
– Is it about food jokes? What is that?
– Easter. Oh, fool, which made me take you, man!


Mexican food jokes

What is the best Mexican food?



Funny food jokes

funny food jokes

Maria reads the concentrated newspaper. At one point, he tells Ion scared:
– John, did you hear that these guys want to buy a drink?
Ion turns to Mary and says, sighing:
– That’s right, Marie. We will learn to eat less.


Food jokes that make you forget about the diet

Among the most appreciated banks, and everyone agrees, there are some food jokes. Excellent, especially when you’re at a party with friends, and the table turned out to be copious. If you want to be ready for the next moment of this kind, read these food jokes.


Q: What does a bulimic serve in the desert?
A: Usually, two fingers on the neck.


Q: What does a man understand when you talk to him about a balanced diet? A: You have to hold a beer in each hand.

British researchers have found the most effective diet: eat only on days when you make love!


At the restaurant, the waiter reads the doctor the menu of the day:
-I have smoked legs, the liver in the blood, kidneys walled…
The doctor interrupts him nervously:
-I came here to eat, not to listen to your troubles! Go to the office when I have a consultation time!


How to make coffee when you have no money: take a coffee bean, tie it with a wedge and dip 2-3 times in a cup with hot water. Every 3 coffees change attachment…


Waiter: I’m sorry, but I’m not going to give you the rest.
Customer: There is nothing! I pay once!


The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy serve a buffet appetizer. After a while, the first licks his lips and says:
– Anything else?
– From whom?

Are you saturated about food puns? It’s case to take a diet of jokes.

– Waiter! My soup is cold!
– And what’s out of the ordinary? You have already ordered it for an hour…


– Waiter, my barbecue is as strong as a shoe sole!
– If it’s so loud, why didn’t you try to nail it to the shoe’s sole …
– I tried, but my nails were bent.


– Guest, I would like to talk to the cook. I am interested in the recipe for this sauce.
– Did you like it so much?
– No, but I have long been looking for a good glue for gluing the wallpaper.


– Waiter, there is no trace of apple in the apple strudel!
– But what, in hunting steak, you find hunters?

best food puns jokes

At a luxury restaurant:
– Is it about food jokes? Why do you ask me to pay the bill before eating?
– You are the only customer who ordered the specialty of the day: stuffed mushrooms.


Two friends see each other after a long time and decide to serve lunch at the restaurant. At one point, one of them leaves the cutlery down, looks empty, and tears flow from his eyes:
-What happened? Did you remember something sad?
-No, I look at the hanger, where I hung the jacket, as for a quarter of your hour is no longer there.


Two friends, very concerned about the figure, discuss with a glass of lemon water:
-Ok, are you really convinced that donuts are healthy food or just a joke?
– More than convinced, my dear. Have you ever seen a doctor before?


– Emil, I invite you to me if you want, because I haven’t eaten a good barbecue for a long time …
– Perfect, wine. What should I bring?
– Nothing, maybe some meat, some beer, charcoal. Salt and matches I have!


The novel is the kind of man who knows how to make fun of anything, even food. That’s why I made a collage with some of the best food jokes, because they go to any taste, and they never hurt to laugh at saturates, even when you’re on a diet.

And, because we are talking about food jokes, they cannot lack salt and pepper. You will adore them and you will see that they are not at all tasteless, and when it comes to jokes, the job is earnest, so I leave you to enjoy them. Good appetite for the best food jokes!