Helen Keller Jokes

Helen Keller jokes that she would laugh too


– What did Helen Keller ask Santa for childhood?
-Poliomyelitis! Otherwise, he had all the diseases.


-What were Helen Kellers’ favorite candies?
-Skittles. Even if he couldn’t see the rainbow, he could at least taste it.


-Why does Helen Keller never change a baby’s diaper?
– He could find it easier after the smell.


Best Helen Keller jokes

-Why was Helen Keller’s leg always wet?
-And her dog was blind.


-Have you heard the latest jokes Helen Keller?
– No problem, certainly not her.


-Did you know that her parents, to make her no longer upset because of jokes Helen Keller, built a dollhouse in her yard?
– Neither does she.


-Why does your husband always yell at her?
-Because you never listen to him.


-Who made the first Helen Keller jokes?
– Her parents, because they were trying to make her laugh.


-How did Helen Keller’s parents punish her?
– They put her in a round room and told her to stand in the corner!


-How did Helen Keller try to kill a bird that disturbed her when she was sleeping?
– He got angry and threw it off the rock behind the house


-How did Helen Keller meet her husband?
-A blind date!


Funny Helen Keller jokes

– Why is Helen Keller scratching her face?
– She was invited to an official dinner and tried to eat soup with a fork.


– Do you know how many Helen Keller jokes have been invented so far?
– If not, no problem, certainly not her.


-What was her favorite book?