Dirty jokes

Why a dirty hand will not be hold by anyone? Because you prove that you really work.


Why womens prefer to make love with you using a condom? Because they want to get dirty.


How you tell if a person is a maniac about cleaning their house? You enter direct with your shoes in their house and you will see that they will scream!

A dirty joke start with a good story


A dirty jokes have to be clean in order to understand those who listen


If you want a dirty job, go to sewerage.


Can you say to a woman that smell? Just try and tell us the result.

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Q: What is the difference between your wife & your job?

A: After five years, your job is still.


Q: What do you call a crying man while he is enjoying himself?

A: A tearjerker.


Q: Why are Penises the easiest things in the world?

A: Even thoughts can lift them.


Funny dirty jokes

Q: What is the difference between a prostitute and a drug dealer?

A: A hook can wash its crack and sell it again.


Q: Why didn’t the toilet paper get in the way?

A: It got stuck in a crack


Q: How do you name an anorexic woman with yeast infection?

A: A quarter pound of cheese


Q: How did King Burger get pregnant with the dairy queen?