Cat puns

How cats will say if they are hungry?



A cat tell a pun to a dog:

Ham Ham! Miau…


What you say about a group of cats?

That are the best friends.


How do you know if your cat is in heats about others cats?

Miau, miau, miau


How do you know if your cat is really like? Will rub to your leg and will say:

Miaaaauuu, Miaaauuu


A cat go to supermarket:

Do you have food for dogs?


Funny cat puns

Can you tell what cat things about you?

This is my servant


A cat puns is that when he looks in your eyes and wait from you to give some attention. If you don’t give he what want, will say “Miiiiiiau”


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Q: Wanna hear a bad cat joke?

A: Just kitten!


Q: What kind of sports car does a cat should drive?

A: A Furrari.


Cat name puns

Tom, Betty, Whisky and Ham Ham


Q: What do you call a cat that’s a beauty influencer?

A: Glamourpuss.




Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with Father Christmas?

A: Santa Claws!


What it’s the best name pun cat?