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Ion and Maria decide to get married after a few years of relationship. Among the wedding gifts received on the (happy) event, someone jokingly offered them a black cat. Ion, very happy, spent the whole time with the cat, but not with the fresh wife. This, full of … impatience, calls Frosa, his mother:

– Mom, I’m desperate. What should I do to look at Ion too!- Well, dear, dress in some soft, black, sexy clothes.
Said and done. The next day our Maria dresses in some sexy, black clothes, waiting for Ion. He comes from work, sees Maria, and begins to scream:
-Well, did you kill the cat?


How does a cat tell a joke?

Miau… this is a dog!


A funny cat say a joke to his friend

  • Today we eat from the trash
  • No, we only eat from the garbage

cat jokes


An old lady lives in a modern apartment in a luxurious block. A “welcoming” neighbor asked her why she couldn’t find a man.
– What good? I have a dog, a parrot, and a cat, and they all do it like a husband.
-How so?
-Simple. The shark dog always, the parrot insults all day, and the parrot is gone all night to other cats…


A cat goes to a salon and exit from there, a lady.


Why a cat it’s so grumpy?

Because they like to be like that


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A black cat joke it’s about to show in your way!

Two friends chat with each other:
– Drug, I think your boyfriend has gone crazy. I saw him running crazy today, on all the lawns and roofs!
No, my dear, stay calm. He is also the only one that I went to the veterinarian. I castrated him, and now he is in a hurry to cancel the love meetings set before the event.


Dead cat jokes that it’s not so funny:

How do you know that a cat is dead?

When she finished all the 9 lives.


A girl, romantic in his own way, wants to impress his girlfriend, a kitty cat. Eager to show his love, he makes some bright statements:
-My, my dear, I would be able to die for you!
The cat looks over his head and asks:
-Yes, I know, but how many times?


funny cat jokes

A warrior cat joke

A samurai cat goes to his master, the dog.

Now, you are ready to run from me.

Good, because now I stay and fight!


Q: Why don’t you find lawyers on the beach?
A: Simple, when I see them, cats always start covering them with sand.


Why a kid love cats?

Because they are easy to play with them


Bula’s mother is desperately looking for him:
-Bula, Bula, where do you go, baby?
In the end, Bula also appears, with a water-filled basin, which he pours at the root of the apple in the yard.
– But what are you doing there? Where do you have water in the pool?
-my dad and I washed the cat.
-God, and how was it?
– He liked crazy. He wanted once more, but Dad said we have to squeeze it, to dry faster…


Funny cat jokes

What a cat does at chemistry hour at school?



best cat jokes


Without a doubt that when it comes to pets, the cat is among the favorites. Although it occupies a leading place in people’s preferences, it did not exempt her from being the central character in a series of cat jokes.


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