Bad pick up lines


If I were an emo and a blade, I would use you every time.


If I had bluethout, I would connect to your device every day.

I’m a whale savior. Wouldn’t you like to save yourself?


If you were a violin, I’d break your strings.

You are so beautiful that it was going to hurt my face when I saw you.


If you marry me, I delete all the mistresses from the phone, but the wife remains.

You are like a flower that needs moisture and love.


Even if you don’t have time, I have unlimited minutes for you.


If you cannot measure eternity, I would like to measure it in moments spent with you.


I’m a gamer, but you would be my favorite game.


You’re like a sunbeam that burns if you don’t protect yourself.


  1. Do you mind if you keep my hand as long as I do a walk through the park?


2. I came closer to you. What are your two other desires?


  1. Someone just pulled a wind. Let’s get it out of here.


  1. Hello, do you want to see what a beautiful ceiling I have at home?


  1. Do you have something Italian in you? Do not you want to have?


  1. What is a sexy woman looking like you in a crazy mind like mine?


  1. Will you give me some coins? I promised my mother that I call her when I fall in love.


  1. Do you have a map at you? I think I was lost in your eyes.


  1. I think your dad is a terrorist because you are a bomb.


  1. Tell me now if you want to be with me so I will not waste 500 thousand drinks.


  1. God, I’m glad I’m not blind!


  1. Are you as cool as all the boys say?


  1. Are you a surgeon? That you got my heart out


  1. Are you sure we have not met in previous lives?

If you were a napkin, I wouldn’t wipe your nose with you because you were too beautiful.

If God sent an angel to earth, then why didn’t you come to me ?!

You are so beautiful that when you smile all the ugly faint of envy.

I don’t have much to offer but I hope my heart might interest you.

I’m a shy guy, but for you I got my heart in my teeth to come and I can tell you I like you!

I live a life so good that I can compare it with a cake, but the cherry on the cake is missing and I would like to know if you want to be my cherry?


Hi! I am married, I have 2 children, a cool wife, I earn over $ 10,000 a month and I drive an expensive car!

Hi! Who are you and why do you think I’m interested in things in your life ?!

We do not know each other in I just wanted to praise myself, and if you are interested in the post of mistress please submit a CV.


You are so beautiful that you radiate when you enter a room, but please do not brush your teeth so often because they are like headlights from the car.


How in a human body can so many kgs of pure and divine beauty be?


Hi! I am a lion and I would like to know if you can be my lioness and lead the jungle together.

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