Bad pick up lines

If I were an emo and a blade, I would use you every time.


If I had bluethout, I would connect to your device every day.

I’m a whale savior. Wouldn’t you like to save yourself?


If you were a violin, I’d break your strings.

You are so beautiful that it was going to hurt my face when I saw you.


Funny bad pick up lines

If you marry me, I delete all the mistresses from the phone, but the wife remains.

You are like a flower that needs moisture and love.


Even if you don’t have time, I have unlimited minutes for you.


If you cannot measure eternity, I would like to measure it in moments spent with you.


I’m a gamer, but you would be my favorite game.


You’re like a sunbeam that burns if you don’t protect yourself.


Do you mind if you keep my hand as long as I do a walk through the park?


Bad pick up lines for girls or guys

I came closer to you. What are your two other desires?


Someone just pulled a wind. Let’s get it out of here.


Hello, do you want to see what a beautiful ceiling I have at home?


Do you have something Italian in you? Do not you want to have?


What is a sexy woman looking like you in a crazy mind like mine?