Bad pick up lines

  1. Do you mind if you keep my hand as long as I do a walk through the park?


2 I came closer to you. What are your two other desires?


  1. Someone just pulled a wind. Let’s get it out of here.


  1. Hello, do you want to see what a beautiful ceiling I have at home?


  1. Do you have something Italian in you? Do not you want to have?


  1. What is a sexy woman looking like you in a crazy mind like mine?


  1. Will you give me some coins? I promised my mother that I call her when I fall in love.


  1. Do you have a map at you? I think I was lost in your eyes.


  1. I think your dad is a terrorist because you are a bomb.


  1. Tell me now if you want to be with me so I will not waste 500 thousand drinks.


  1. Has anyone ever told you that you looked exactly like the girl of my dreams?


  1. God, I’m glad I’m not blind!


  1. Are you as cool as all the boys say?


  1. Are you a surgeon? That you got my heart out


  1. Are you sure we have not met in previous lives?