Nerdy pick up lines

  1. You are so hot, you are increasing my sperm count.
  2. After seeing you my electrons move up to excited state.
  3. I’m a scientist and I always do periodically on table.
  4. Plank may be constant but baby I am not.
  5. Are you Florine, Iodine, Neon, Arsenic and Sulfur? Cause you have FINe AsS!
  6. I’ll call you Beryllium and Barium cause you are a BaBe.
  7. You are hotter than Electric Oven at 105 degrees Celsius.
  8. If I was a Super Hero, I’d telepath you to my bedroom.
  9. Baby I’m your Super man and I’ll take you out of this world.
  10. The heat among us is more than a exothermic reaction.
  11. I can’t keep my retina off you.
  12. Hi I’m Adenine I want to pair with U.
  13. Just like my chrome history, I’d never want anyone to see you.
  14. Evaporation causes cooling, it’ll help you when I’ll make you sweat.
  15. Honey you’ll need some aerobic respiration tonight.