Chemistry jokes

For what is good chemistry? For you to know when you fall in love!

What is the most known chemistry formula? H2O – Horizon to Oath


An chemist tell to his wife:

My dear Samanta can you tell me how I in love with you?

It’s my little secret formula!

Do you know Mendelev table chemistry? My neither.


Best think to say to a chemist? Let’s try an experiment


How do you know when a chemist tell a joke? He don’t smile.


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chemistry jokes


1. The most important rule in chemistry: never lick the teaspoon!
Take Heli to a bar.


3. Q: What is a tooth in a glass of water?
A: A molar solution


4. Bill, what did you do in chemistry today?
I prepared explosive materials.
So what do you have at school tomorrow?
What school?


5. Q: Why do chemistry students do well when working with ammonia?
A: Because these are pretty basic things.


7. Two electrons are in a prison cell.
One asks: “What are you doing?”
I wait…


8. A new chemistry joke

Why my chemistry teacher it’s so hut?

Because, she know the formula of seduction!


9. What is the chemical formula of coffee? CoFe2


10. Q: Why do chemists call medical elements with helium, curious and barium?
A: Because if you can’t be helium or curious, barium!


11. How did the hungry chemist survive? He survived the titrations.

Chemist jokes to say in school


12. The optimist sees the glass half full.
The pessimist sees the glass half empty.
The chemist sees the glass completely full, half in liquid state and half in vapor state.

13. A biting thought: Old-time chemists never paint, just fade away


14. H2O is water and H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. What is H2O4? Drink.


15. I was helpful at a practical license class the first year when I met a girl who washes potassium bromide plates under the tap. She replied, “No, I use distilled water.”


chemistry puns


Want to hear a joke about potassium?

K, wait!


Want to hear a joke about item 116?

Uuh …


Want to tell you a joke about nitrogen monoxide?



Best chemistry jokes

Are you made of copper and tellurium?

I do not think. Why do you say that?

Because you’re CuTe.


A chemist never dies, he just stops reacting.


I want to say so many jokes with chemistry but I don’t have any reaction.


What does a chemist say when he sees two helium isotopes?



chem jokes


During dinner, a physics teacher tells his wife:

– My girlfriend, as you go by you are becoming more attractive.

– Stop talking silly! Don’t you see that I’ve been getting fat lately?

– That’s why I say you’re more attractive. The more the table grows, the greater the force of attraction.


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Use this chemistry jokes in your family

“I’m not talking too much,” said the black teacher to student Smith, when I fingered them, so that means you come to the board.

– I don’t talk much either, teacher, when I shake my head it means I’m not coming.


Funny chemistry jokes


In the session, 3 students take exams for one subject. One was very smart, one was average and the other was very stupid.


The smart student enters the exam room and leaves in 10 minutes, and the two ask him:

– What was the example?

– As from teacher to teacher, says the intelligent one.

Enter the average student and leave after 10 minutes and receive the same question from them.


– The exam was passed from student to teacher.

Enter the last one and leave after a quarter of an hour, and you want to ask how it was.


– As from priest to priest.

– How so?

– Well when he was asking the questions I was doing my cross, and when I was giving the answers, he was doing his cross.