Math puns


Why did the math book die?


Because he has too many problems!


Math puns are funny because have no logic

The peak of mathematics


Sleeping with 3 unknowns and solving none.


Chemistry got him close, math broke up.

Women are passionate about math. They divide their age to 2, double the cost of their clothes and always add 5 years to the best friend’s age.


Do not worry about your math difficulties. I assure you that my own are even bigger!


A parent: Be nice, do not you know where the professor of mathematics is?

A pupil: Yes, she is beating her head with an unknown in the office!


Funny math puns

Why math it’s my favorite?

Because I have a bad professor.


– Kids, can you tell me five wild animals living in Africa?

“Yes, four elephants and a giraffe,” a student replies.


“What boils at 100 degrees?” Asks the professor.

“Water,” Gigel replies.

– But at 90 degrees?

– Right angle.


Professor: Ionut, you have to correct your grades to math!

Ionut: I tried, lady teacher! Out of three, I did eight. But two of them … ?!