Cheesy pick up lines

One evening, after dinner, Bill and his 16-year-old son sit on the couch and start talking about women.

Bill: – Son, it’s time to tell you something about how to date a woman.

Son: – Good father, but what do you want to tell me?

Bill: – I will share with you, the famous replica with which I hung your mother.

Son: – Tell me how, you really made me curious!

Bill: – I saw her on a bank, I went to her full of attitude and I told her

“Sorry to bother, but I lost and do not know how to reach the destination!

Where should you go, she told me.

My answer was: I have to get to your heart and I don’t know how. ”

Son: – Very nice father!

Bill: – It was really my son, I hope it works for you too!

Son: – But dad, now that I think about it, I thought my mom married you because you came out of a Lamborghini when you met and because you inherited a fortune. I at least hear that she is always shouting through the house and that she says she better marry a poor man.

1. If you are a triangle, you would be acute.

2. Does the left eye have injured? Because you looked good all day.

3. My feet are getting cold … because you beat my socks.

4. Wow, when the god made you look.


Super cheesy pick up lines

5. If beauty was time, you would be eternally.

6. Is Your Name Wi-Fi? Because I really feel a bond.

7. If the eyes could kill, it would be a weapon of mass destruction. This a great cheesy pick up line!

8. Do you have a tan, or do you always look so hot?