Cheesy pick up lines


One evening, after dinner, Bill and his 16-year-old son sit on the couch and start talking about women.

Bill: – Son, it’s time to tell you something about how to date a woman.

Son: – Good father, but what do you want to tell me?

Bill: – I will share with you, the famous replica with which I hung your mother.

Son: – Tell me how, you really made me curious!

Bill: – I saw her on a bank, I went to her full of attitude and I told her

“Sorry to bother, but I lost and do not know how to reach the destination!

Where should you go, she told me.

My answer was: I have to get to your heart and I don’t know how. ”

Son: – Very nice father!

Bill: – It was really my son, I hope it works for you too!

Son: – But dad, now that I think about it, I thought my mom married you because you came out of a Lamborghini when you met and because you inherited a fortune. I at least hear that she is always shouting through the house and that she says she better marry a poor man.

1. If you are a triangle, you would be acute.

2. Does the left eye have injured? Because you looked good all day.

3. My feet are getting cold … because you beat my socks.

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