Cheesy Jokes

Cheesy jokes, to relax the atmosphere


Madam, while supervising the worker who came to install his modem:
– Sir, I have to warn you that my husband is back in 30 minutes.
– No problem. Only I do nothing honorable!
– This is the problem … And time passes…


An old man climbs into the tram, puts his bag on a chair, and hurries to compost his ticket so that he does not come to control and catch him … unprepared.
After the ticket has been composted, it sits high from the seat directly above the sack that it had placed earlier.

-Oh, my goodness! My eggs! My eggs! Exclaims the old man, with a slightly raised voice!
-But what? Did you ever have eggs in the bag? He asks, more curious about the old woman from the place in front of him.
-Not. Nails.


Two good friends, talk to each other in a glass of talk, and say their bitterness in turn:
-You know, John, I think my wife cheats on me with a cock?
-What nonsense can you say? How do you know this?


– Well, last night, when I wanted to sleep, I found a coconut wedge on her pillow.
– Well, if so, the situation is much more serious to me. It means that mine is cheating on the plane.

– This is just incredible. What makes you so convinced of what you say?
– I found a pilot in his wife’s bed.

cheesy jokes

Best Cheesy Jokes

Everyone knows that when it comes to cheesy jokes, you will surely have some that will make you laugh in a whisper. In fact, everyone seems to be a big fan of cheesy jokes, but only until they discover that many of them happened to them.


Cheesy jokes for her

John also collects some money and goes on a sea cruise. Unfortunately, the ship is sinking, so John is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, along with six other women, also survivors of the maritime catastrophe. On a Sunday day, tired from the parties during the week, he stands on the bank, observing with surprise how from the foamed waves of the sea rises a young and muscular man.

– You’re my savior! He welcomes him happily.
– I am very happy, says the young man, you are really a handsome man…


In the men’s opinion, women have great … bone mobility. For this reason, they are divided into three well-defined categories. It is about those elastic women lying all over the bed, over-elastic women lying on several beds, and faithful women stretching to God.


John tells his friend.
– May, Smith, don’t you fool yourselves to marry that woman. Do you want me to tell you the whole truth? The whole city passed over it!
– Well, what is this affecting me? Bucharest is not even such a big city…

best cheesy jokes

But until then, let’s read some of the funniest cheesy jokes, some only good for relaxing the atmosphere and so loaded.


Cheesy jokes for him

A girl sucked at one. The guy at the height of happiness:

“Yes! It’s wonderful! Yes, that’s it, baby. How good it is! But please, please, blow my ass down!”


Question: Do the catwalks kiss?

Answer: In general, the catwalks are sucked, only the cuckoo suck!


“God, doctor,” said John, “I pay anyway, I wish I had one.”

Straight to the point!

– Yes, I can fulfill your wish, but you know I will

We cut off our feet!


Do you know the resemblance between a virgin face and a frog?

Answer: Both should be unlocked.


An old man climbs into the tram, puts the bag on a chair, and hurries to compost his ticket.

After composting the ticket, it sits neatly on the chair directly over the bag.


– My eggs! My eggs! exclaims the old man

– Did you have eggs in the bag? A curious old woman asks.

-Not. Nails.

cheesy dad jokes

The sperm make an attack plan.

Their boss tells them:

– Guys look how we do … You take it on the left side, you on the right side,

and the rest come behind me, in the center.

Said and done.

Run her as she runs, and after a while, the commander seals:


-Who’s boss, what’s up?

-I was throated!


A woman goes into a leather goods store and asks for a purse. The seller gives her a small purse.

– But it’s too small!

-Yes, yes, it’s from penis skin. If you know how to eat it, it gets big …


One doctor to another doctor: – There is something in the air that leaves pregnant women!

– What?

– Their feet!


The resemblance between a man and the economy: the hair is in recension, the stomach is a victim of inflation, and both of them cause a great depression!


Bill discovers at a corpse that a huge tool was to be autopsied. Cut it and take it home in formol to enrich its personal collection of strangers…

His wife sees him and cries scared:

– Dear good! Did the poor neighbor from the second floor die?