Bone puns

How you can touch a friend?

With a bone


How is made a bone?

From love


A bone tell to another bone a pun:



Who is Humerus?

A great philosopher

No, it’s your bone



A skeleton go to a doctor with a problem

  • Doctor my bones are getting old, what I have to do?
  • Take some Calcium and vitamin D, this will help your bones


Can you tell me what is the biggest bone in your body?

No, that bone…

Is femur

How do you say when a skeleton is having a great time?

An osteoblast.


Why does a skeleton don’t lie?

He don’t speak.


Why skeleton is the best at fight?

He had a bone to in his hand.


What’s the best part of a skeleton?

The head.


How do you say a funny bone?

A humerus.


Why was the skeleton not inteligent?

He has a small skull


Why was the skeleton so angry?

Because he don’t have head.


Why are bones so good?

Because their are strong



Where do you imprison a new skeleton?