Valentine’s Day jokes

I didn’t know that angels can fly so low on earth.

How would you name a woman who goes out with you? Desperate!


What did the ice cream chocolate syrup say to her? “I’m sweet to you!”

Why didn’t Cupid shoot the arrow in the lawyer’s heart? Because not even Cupid can reach such a small target.

Valentine’s Day Flower Shop: Show someone who cares a little more than you do.

What did the bulb for the switch say? – You start me.

What did her beloved painter tell her? “I love you with all my art!”



Do the holidays celebrate Valentine’s Day? Sure, they are very fragrant!


What does Valentine’s Day squirrel offer? Watch me, nuts.


I never loved you more than I did, even in this second.


Valentine’s day jokes


Why is salad the most loving vegetable? Because it is whole-hearted.


Why is Valentine’s Day the best day for a holiday? Because you can truly spend your soul!

How did he get his girlfriend’s phone? He gave her a ring.


Get married early in the morning, not at the 60s

What did the magnet clip tell him? I find you very attractive.

Funny Valentine’s day jokes

After you get into a relationship you must read this marriage jokes, it’s only a prevention, on what will come for you.


Why did he break away from his beloved cannibal? It was not to his taste!

What did the Valentine’s Day stamp envelope tell you? “I got stuck on you!”



No matter what happened. No matter what you did. No matter what you do. I will always love you. Jur.

What is the favorite song of a ram from February 14? I only have eyes for sheep, honey


What do you call a tiny valentine? A valentine.


Valentine’s day jokes for kids

What do their wives offer to Valentine’s Farmers? Hog and kisses!

Why did the banana come out with plum? Because he couldn’t have a date.


The best part of Valentine’s Day wedding is to live up to your expectations. Because you have no expectations.
What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

For me, Valentine’s Day is significant. I say it is imperative because, on this day, I received from my boyfriend/girlfriend the most beautiful gift, i.e., a screwdriver.

Two lovers, the girl and the boy, were walking on those in a park.Suddenly, the boy, knowing that Valentine’s Day is coming, stops and asks his girlfriend:


“My dear boyfriend, what do you want to receive or do on Valentine’s Day?”I wish to go to a warm, clean place, full of fresh scents, have fresh air, and go on the balcony. Being cold outside and opening the window, we have some fresh air, and the terrace is warm.


Valentine’s day jokes for adults

What did the boy’s face say about the girl’s face? Can I hold my hand?