Diet jokes


Let me tell you a sweet joke about dieting. I try keto genic diet that is based on natural food and good fats like avocado, nuts, cheese, sea food and others. I end up with a few kilogram fats…


A friend tell me about paleo diet, it’s about consuming foods that was in ancient age like raw fruits or, lean protein, eggs and others. Also, I have not to consume processed foods like pizza, cake, hamburgers and others. What do you thnink? I kept 6 months diet and I have lost weight 6 grams, because I have a sedentariness… So I think the problem is at my.


I kept a vegan diet for 3 months and this was also a joke… Because I eat more fruits that contain sugar and I gain weight 2 months.


If you want to not be a joke dieting keep eat normal and exercise every day. Just take long journey with your friends.


After a month of dieting, I lost 30 days.


I’m on a diet with seafood. I see food and I eat.


It’s hard to feed when your favorite exercise is chewing.


I have a condition that prevents me from going on a diet … it’s called “I’m hungry”.


Translated DIET means I ate that?


Food has never fattened me, but scales always do.


I’m a light eater. As soon as the light comes on, I start eating.


I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the diet. Every time I start eating food, I get sick.


I have tried a diet many times, but continue to fail every time I should eat.


Diet is not a piece of cake.


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