Happy birthday jokes

A much better joke would be to enter the person who reaches a certain age at midnight either masked in thieves or with whips, trumpets, vivid and other objects that make a lot of noise.

It will definitely be an interesting memory!

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Best happy birthday jokes

birthday jokes

When you turn the years has always been a good opportunity for your friends to offer you, besides the traditional gifts and some special benches, those birthday jokes bring a good mood. We have some suggestions for birthday jokes that you can use on their anniversary.



Use this knock knock jokes on a birthday party




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Corny happy birthday jokes

Anniversaries are a perfect opportunity to make jokes for friends. If you find jokes on birthdays on this page, I will offer some joke ideas to make to your friends.

One of the best jokes that do not provoke annoyances is to replace the classic candles with some that do not go out. This way, whenever you blow them, they will light up.

A more destructive joke would be that when he or she blows the cake, you throw the cake in front of him. If he has a sense of humor, he will appreciate you, but if he has no sense of humor and you decide to do so, be prepared to run away because he will certainly not enjoy it.