Dog puns

Do you know that dogs are the best friends of peoples? Not if you were bitten by a dog.


A man tells a dog pun.

Ham, ham, and ham with sauce, please.


Why dogs smell others?

Because they want to know if they are clean


Funny dog puns

A friend tells a joke to a dog: Do you know what your first word was ever?

Dog says, Ham!

What is the best name to choose for a dog?


funny dog puns


Why Scooby-Doo it’s the most famous dog?

Because he can speak!


So, in that way, you will know that you have to drink your favorite drink again!

Best joke ever about a dog: pull my finger out…


A dog tell a pun at a stand-up show?

Ham, Wolf and Miau…


Why husky look like and a wolf?

Because they live in the forest!


Dog puns list


How do you know if a pitbull it’s ready to attack?

He looks at you!


Where a rottweiler can sit?

Everywhere he wants!

dogs puns


How do you learn your dog to stay at your order? You give them their favorite snack!

What is the best food for your dog? Your rests.

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Hot dog puns

What it’s the best dog?

Hot dog!


A dog tells his friend:

Do you want to eat some meat?

Yes, of course!



A pun with a dog:

Dodge me!


Why a dog when he wants something to tell “ham, ham, ham”?

Because he wants some ham!


“I woof you.” Expressions of love are always priceless.


I am going to make you an off-fur you can’t refuse.” It is impossible to say no to cute pets.


“Catastrophe!” The perfect way to describe that moment when you discover your kitty has “re-fluffed” the pile of laundry you just neatly folded.


Find how a dog can be friend with a cat in a pun.


“Pardon the interruption.” Your pup might have something important to say — even when he seems barking mad.


dog puns


“Everything but the kitten sink!” We couldn’t possibly fit any more puns on this list.


Laugh with us by reading dog puns, the best friend of a man, or a woman in need.


Why some people are scared by a dog?

Because they have bigger tweets!


“Whatever.” Watch that attitude!


“Is your pup your dog?


Dog name puns

Wolf, Rolf… Miau


Dog puns, only good to make you laugh!

The man’s best friend, the dog, is the protagonist of many banks. There are numerous dog puns, which you still breed. We have also prepared a selection of dog puns, which will make you laugh in hiccups.


I give three dogs to the faculty: in Law, Medicine, and Polytechnics.
They meet after 1 year.
The first one (who was a law student): Mai, everything is great with us. What a win, what a win.
The second (medical student): A lot of us, all bad guys, who want to do an exam …
– What about you? he asks both of them from the Polytechnic.
– To us … ah … dog life!

A flea jumped on a dog, pinched it, and the dog ran away.
Fleas: – God, how hard I run!


dog christmas puns


A wolf-dog enters a restaurant and asks the waiter if he receives orders.
-Good then: March!


Ion and Ghita talk to each other:
-My dog ​​is very smart: every morning, at 6:30, he wakes me up to go to work, Ion prays.
– Mine is even smarter, Ghita replied. How many times do you see me returning home late, hiding the sweetheart and the facet!

– Is this dog for sale?
– For sale.
– Is she purebred, has a family tree?
– What good? If necessary use any tree.


dog puns


– What did I hear, John? Are you divorcing Mary?
– Yes, it’s impossible to live with her. You know, to wake me in the morning, my cat throws me in bed …
– And what, that’s a reason for divorce?
– Okay, but I’m sleeping with the dog!


Bula buys a dog to guard it against thieves. After a month, he goes to the store, very dissatisfied.
– I asked for a guard dog and you sold me that, when my thieves broke my house and stole 500,000 lei, did not even bark. – It’s not his fault. So far, he has been to a billionaires family and is not used to barking for such small amounts!


“I could have been a cat-tender! I could have been somebody!” Some cats have a flair fur the dramatic.


“Inconceivable!” Some things are perplexing to even the smartest of cats from all worlds.


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Dog puns that make you laugh heartily


When it comes to making a little fun, nothing stops people. The animal puns are the place of honor, and the rabbit, the fox and the bear are among the favorites. However, there are also many jokes about dogs, so that no one feels wronged. You can read some of the best dog puns right below, and you will suddenly feel that the good mood returns, as you would say.


– Where does a rottweiler sit when he goes to the movies?
– That shouldn’t even be introduced in the chapter on dog jokes: stay where he wants.


– Why do a dog run in circles?
– Because I can’t run in squares because it would hit corners.


A guard dog asks his “job” colleague:
– Can’t you hear something?
– Sure!
– And why don’t you bark?
– Well, then I really don’t hear anything.


– What do you say to a dog wearing headphones?
– As you wish, he still can’t hear you.


– What is your dog’s favorite food?
– Whatever you have on your plate.


hot dog puns


Two friends talk too:
– I’ve seen animals trained before, but your dog is really fantastic. He does everything you tell him, more like a man. How did you do it: did you personally take care of him or hand him over to a trainer?
– Neither, because I prefer to read dog puns. So I got a self-taught dog.

A guy rings his neighbor’s door nervously:
– Neighbor, why don’t you calm your dog?
– Did something happen?
– Last night, she scolded all the time my daughter sang.
– It’s not the dog’s fault, your daughter has started.


– Neighbor, your dog has bitten my mother-in-law three times so far!
– Alas, thousands of apologies. This dog is under any criticism. I don’t know what to do with him!
– Please sell it to me!

– What is the resemblance between dog and engineer?
– They both have smart looks, but neither of them knows how to express themselves.


Dog puns easy to tell to your friends

A dog was running desperately through the desert. A fox, surprised, stops him and asks him where he is in a hurry, to which the dog answers angrily:
– Leave me alone, have you found a conversation now? You don’t know that if I can’t find a tree, I’ll do it!

A gentleman walking down the street sees a lady holding a dog in her arms and stroking it. Admittedly, the dog’s mistress was not to be denied either, so he also tries to be… remarked:
– What would I not give to be instead of the dog pun! …
– I wouldn’t want you, I’m taking him to neuter.

– Hello, Animal Welfare Association? Send someone in an emergency to rescue a tormented animal.
“But what happened, ma’am?”
– The postman climbed a tree in my yard and swore at my dog.


A hot dog pun

I want a hot dog with big ears!

– Oh, ma’am, but what a beautiful dog you have!
– It’s not about any dog, I went to a medium, and he told me he was my ex-husband reincarnated.
– Then why do you keep him on a leash and muzzle?
– The power of habit…