Offensive Jokes

Don’t be upset, they’re just offensive jokes


A chicken asks his father or something to eat. In desperation, the father offers a solution:
-You also drink a cup of water.
– But after what to drink?
– Behind the door.


Most offensive jokes

The local authorities draw sewage in a neighborhood of blacks. Shortly after, the boss from this neighborhood meets another, from another community, left unchanged:
– Man, how’s it now?
– Cool, we have hot water, bathroom, vice. My fortune teller went to the store and even got a toilet brush !! You are offensive to me?
– Aha, much better!
– Yeah, it works, but it was easier with the newspaper!


best offensive jokes

-Why are young gypsies getting married?
-To stop all kinds of offenses in the joke, they are not called cries, but pigeons!


– Why do gypsies pair to fish with fish?
-To have blackfish always at the table.


-What is the difference between a black and a car tire?
-The tire does not sing when you put on the chains for winter!


-Why don’t you ever see a black man driving a convertible?
-Because of the current, they would flutter their lips in the wind and hit their eyes.


A black man enters a bar with a parrot on a shoulder and tells an offensive joke. Surprised, the bartender asks:
-Where do you have a brother, because they are scarce?
To which the parrot responds:
– Yes, there are millions in Africa like him.


Very offensive jokes: A car with two blacks stop at the border. Curious, the customs officer asks:
– What happened? Did you have a small fire on the way?

-How many blacks do you need to clean a room?
-Don’t be racist, you don’t need a black man, this is female work.

offensive jokes


A man tells his friend: Not all blondes are said to be bad. Nonsense! Be careful: my wife is brunette, but yesterday she dyed her hair blonde. Last night, what do you think, it made me scandal, because where is the brunette hair in us in bed?


Really offensive jokes


Offensive racist joke: A blonde jew at a job interview:
– How many husbands have you had so far?
– Just mine? Or do you mean that … in general?


A blonde gets to the doctor, finger shot:
-You are dear, but how did you succeed?

-Of, I had a terrible day. I went to the job and kicked me out. I went to the ATM to get the last salary off the card, robbed one of them, and collaged over my pupil, my car was stolen! Desperate, I decided to kill myself.


I took a gun, loaded it, put it in my right ear, and I knew that noise can cause deafness, so I stuck my finger in the other ear and … I pressed!

really offesnive jokes


Studies have shown that people still find it funny to laugh at others, so those offensive jokes are appreciated by many. Again, those media offensive jokes appear as a stand-up. However, many do not understand what would be so funny to offensive jokes.


No matter which camp you belong to, there will always be someone in the group who will tell you some offensive joke. They should not be taken as an attack on the person, they are just offensive joking, and they are meant to slightly lower our foreheads. Some of the most successful offenses in the joke are also found in our selection. So, without upset!