Skeleton jokes

How a skeleton dance?

Like Mick Jagger!


Can skeleton make jokes?

Yes, if he can look at you.


How you recognize a skeleton?

It so slim, it looks like he don’t eat. OK, maybe one time per week.


Why skeletons are white?

Because all we are white inside.


How do you recognize a real skeleton?

By making skeleton jokes around your friends


A group of skeleton rise from the cemetery. What is the first thing that they do? They go to drink!


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skeleton puns


Three skeletons were walking down the street. They ask each other? “When did you die?” “Hey, you answer the skeleton with ’65’.


A skeleton enter into a bar and start to make jokes

All people from the bar start to cry because are scared!


Best skeleton jokes


“But when did you die?” “After” 93. “” You’re not bad, I think you had good food then. ”
“But you?” The other two ask the third. – When you died?
“What are you crazy about? I didn’t die! I’m a student, I go to college.


What is the favorite plant of a skeleton? A GOOD tree-go. But if they don’t like one, what about a S-pin?


What happens when a skeleton doesn’t laugh at you being stung?
It looks like some funny bones are broken

A skeleton in a bar: Chelnar please bring me a beer and a mop!


skeleton jokes

A skeleton goes to the doctor for a consultation.

The very angry doctor says: Now, sir?


Two skeletons lost in the desert ran when, at one point, one says:

– Wait a little I can only!

–              Why?

– I did muscle fever!


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There is nothing that can not be used as a source of inspiration for a good joke. Even death is often laughed at, and the chapter of “skeleton jokes” seems inexhaustible. We have a selection of the most popular skeleton jokes below. Do you know others that can enter the category “skeleton jokes?”

About 3 skeletons were walking down the street. One asks the other?
-When did you die?
– Hey, answers the skeleton, I have some time, through ’65.
-Yes, you can see, you still look good, look how strong bones, how much calcium you have, eat well through ’65
-But when did you die?
-From ’93.

-You know and you look good, you really don’t look bad at all, I think you had good food back then.
-But you ?, the other two ask the third. When did you die?
-What, did you go crazy? I didn’t die! I am a student, I go to college, I have two arrears!


For Halloween, a skeleton wants to make a good joke and goes to a well-known doctor. The indignant doctor yelled at him: “Is he coming now?”


Five skeletons in a cemetery, playing pocker. Suddenly, a drunken little more eager, begins to make scandal and galloping near the cemetery. The oldest skeleton tells the youngest:
– Listen, you go and scare that jerk.

The skeleton goes and starts: bu-hu-huuuu! bu-hu-huuuu! The beetle is nothing. He returns the disappointed skeleton to the others and tells them that he has not succeeded. The old skeleton gives him a cigarette, tells him to ask for a fire, and when he sees his face he will be scared.


Said and done: the younger skeleton does exactly the same thing: he goes, he asks for a fire, the betiv gives him, and full of grief he tells the skeleton:
-May dad, if you see that it hurts you, why don’t you leave?


Funny skeleton jokes

5 skeletons were playing in a poker cemetery, when suddenly a betif comes and starts to gallop around the cemetery. The oldest skeleton says to the young man:

– You go and scare him.

The young skeleton goes and starts with bu-hu-huuu and other dubious noises, but the mockery is nothing. He returns extremely disappointed and tells them he has failed.


The old skeleton gives him a cigarette and tells him to go and ask for a fire because when the lighter light comes on the betiv will be scared.


Said and done. The young skeleton goes, he asks for a fire, the ridicule gives him and full of anger the betiv tells the skeleton:

– My son, if you see that your cigarettes are bad, why do you smoke?


best skeleton jokes


Two brothers with skeleton speak the first bro:
Hey get up and do some exercise, you’re so strong that you weigh a ton!
Second bro: A skele-TON 🙂


Q: What did the skeleton say when he proposed to his friend?
A: Will you tame me?

I cooked eggs the next day. It was very EGGxiting, however, I was EGGxaggering, but if you think it wasn’t fun for you, then your heavy boil, this is for BEGINNING today, so I said before more cats start to fight, that sht was a catastrophe. , these kittens were all like, “You have to be MY GOD.” While in the ocean, they waved, MY, what did I do there?


You MUST have not done it? Oh well, that’s fine, I guess these ocean passengers are too DEEP for you. Not? Okay … but, you know why the skeleton was alone, right? Oh, because he had no body. Why didn’t the skeleton ask for his face? He didn’t have the lid. What did his skeleton do to his gf? BNED it. Not? OK. Didn’t they make you laugh? Maybe I should hit your funny bone puns.


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