Star Wars Meme

Star Wars, the laughing variant


There are many “Star Wars” fans around the world. However, people’s habit of taking “in the balloon” did not bypass this production either. Therefore, many Star Wars memes have appeared, and some of the best you can do in the selection below.


Q: What program does Jedi use to open PDF files?

A: Adobe Wan Kenobi.


Q: For whose creation was Chewbacca arrested?

A: Wikileaks


Q: What do you call a Mexican Thursday?

A: Obi-Juan Kenobi


Q: What are Stormtroopers called Monopoly?

A: Game of Clones


Q: Why did that angry Jedi cross the road?

A: Because he found out there were Star Wars memes and wanted to get to the dark side.


Q: Why is a Jedi knight never alone?

A: Because force is always with him.


Q: What do you call a pirate droid?

A: Argh2-D2


Darth Vader asks:

– Did the earthlings receive our message?

– Yes, but they call it “Dubstep.”


-What Yoda told Princess Leia after breaking up with Han Solo

– “May the divorce be with you”.


-Who is Han Solo’s favorite rapper?



-What song does Han Solo play when he flies away from Cloud City?



Han Solo asks C3PO to give him a countdown, and C3PO says.

– “10 …. 8 ….. 6 ….. 4”

Han interrupts him and asks:

“Are you making Star Wars meme with me?” What is this? ”

C3 says:

– “You told me never to tell you the chances”.


Han Solo doesn’t like those Star Wars memes because he has a very developed civic sense. For example, he is known to regularly donate blood to the Red Cross. That’s right, never his.


Han Solo will never have a stroke. His brain is not so atrophied as to attack him.


Han Solo once set his alarm on the phone. This one, for fear of not waking him, called the silent Solo.


When he goes to bed, Bau-Bau looks in the closet. Then under the bed. Don’t let Darth Vader be there.


A reporter asks Han Solo:

-How many floats can you do?



When Han Solo wants to relax, he doesn’t read Star Wars meme. He buys a bag of flour and then remakes the wheat grains.


It is said that Han Solo was once bitten by a snake with bells. After three days of pain and agony, the snake died.


Do you know why Darth Vader wears that costume? Because when he was in high school, he was experimenting with water and set fire to a forest


Han Solo took a first aid course. That he can kill you, resurrect you, and kill you again.


Following frequent altercations involving Han Solo, dental companies risk bankruptcy. Instead, the orthopedic industry has grown.


Chuck Norris fights Han Solo. Chuck had a machine gun, three grenades and a rocket launcher, and Han Solo was empty-handed.

Chuck Norris: -Let’s see if you kill me now, Han!

Han Solo: Don’t worry! I never kill the helpless!


-If Chuck Noris and Han Solo fight. Who would win?

-Film producer.