Asian jokes

From where is an Asian?

From Mars


Is there an asian joke that will make you laugh right now. Why Asians are so nice to you? Because they want your money.


Do you know that japans are asian to?


Why asian have a big culture of spirituality in their countries? Because they believe in a superior force that manage the earth, water, wind and fire.


Why asian are smaller? Because they are ETs.


Write us more jokes about asian peoples.



A beautiful blonde comes to a men’s brothel and says:

  • Hello! I want a man too, but it must be true that so far no one has resisted me.

“Go to the first floor,” said the receptionist. There you will find an American who will surely satisfy you.


Funny asian jokes

The blonde goes to the first floor, and after 5 numbers, the American can no longer. He goes again to the reception:

– I want another man. That didn’t satisfy me.

– Go to the 2nd floor. There you will find a Russian. He is the second most resistant.


The blonde goes to the second floor and after 7 numbers with the Russian, he can no longer. The angry blonde goes to the reception.

– Sir, but don’t you really have someone who is resistant?

– The last solution is to go to the third floor to our Chinese.

– Okay, either! I also try with him.

Day and done. They get on the job and after 5 numbers get off it.